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Carlos Salazar

Carlos Salazar

May 13 · 5 min read

How did you first learn about B12? What led you to select it as your website builder?

I learned about B12 after seeing their posts of my social media newsfeed. I got curious, went to the site, and the rest is history.

When did you first launch your business’s website, when did you launch your B12 website, and what impact did your B12 website have on your business’s performance?

My B12 website was first launched in April of 2019. I have not shared the new site with customers as we are still working through the subscription service model, but I did send it out to our existing users for feedback and they loved it!

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What’s one piece of advice you’d offer a business owner looking to launch a new website?

Pull off the band-aid and do it already! A sharp website is your business card with the world. It is the easiest way to differentiate yourself from your competition and give you a seat at the table with the other entrepreneurs. Now, if you want to sit at the head of the table, then use B12. It is clear they have talented designers who are genuinely motivated to see you reach your goals.

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Tell us about your business. What made you start it, when did you start it, and what’s been your biggest achievement to date?

We started FitFuel Meal Prep in 2016 to help others in our community looking to get into shape by fueling themselves with nutritious meals. It all started with our founder, Carlos, losing over 300 pounds through diet and exercise. FitFuel began as a home-based business but soon outgrew the space and expanded into a take-out restaurant in New York’s East Village. FitFuel continues to partner with local gyms such as F45 and fitness trainers. We aim to share the importance of eating right and its incredible impact on our health. Since our launch, we have helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals by replicating our founder’s meal plan!

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