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PaperStreet Review

Whether you’re a lawyer with a small law firm or a large one, you need a professional and functional website. Your site has to highlight your unique brand identity, has to show up in local search rankings, and, ultimately, has to bring in new prospects.

PaperStreet web design promises to do all of the above. They build custom professional websites and provide internet marketing services like content, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). But are their websites worth the hefty investment? Do their services compare with other solutions in the legal marketing arena?

The following is a detailed review of all aspects of PaperStreet, including its web design, features, marketing, and pricing, compared with similar services.

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What is PaperStreet?

PaperStreet originally began as a side project by Miami-based lawyer Pete Boyd in 2001. This was in the early days of the internet when few law firms had websites, let alone good websites.

At the time, Boyd was launching his legal career but spent much of his free time working with computers. This led him to create websites for his friends and colleagues in the legal sector.

It soon became obvious to Boyd that there was a greater need for law firm websites than there was for his law services. So he quit his legal job and went all in on web design and, eventually, digital marketing.

After over two decades, PaperStreet now boasts more than 2,000 custom websites. It has also grown its team beyond Boyd to include designers, developers, and online marketers. And these days, it focuses on three core offerings: web, marketing, and content.

PaperStreet is now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is Google Certified and a CallRail Agency partner. They also have certifications with the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and the Legal Vendor Authority.

What features does PaperStreet include?

PaperStreet provides two main services. First, they build law firm websites (although they are now branching out into more general business website designs). Second, they are an internet marketing company.

Additionally, they do content creation and branding, but these are often rolled into web design packages or law firm marketing campaigns.

Website design

PaperSteet creates WordPress websites for professional companies, focusing on law firm web design. They offer four plans, three of which are custom or at least partially custom designs.

Depending on the package, features may include logo design, stock photos, unlimited pages in CMS, customizations, and branding work.

PaperStreet web design adheres to ADA compliance guidelines while ensuring mobile-friendliness and search engine optimization. Some advanced features include scheduling, vCard generation, and proposal generation.

Internet marketing

In the digital marketing arena, PaperStreet offers search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, and social media marketing. However, all of their internet marketing campaigns are customized to the law firm's needs.

Campaigns may include one or more of the following services:

  • Technical website review
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Attorney podcast services
  • Content marketing and blogging

Content marketing

PaperStreet also focuses a lot of its marketing services around content writing, from blogging to video creation to web copy. These services often overlap with their digital marketing work and may even be rolled into a larger campaign.

Unlike other professional web design companies that rely on a library of prewritten copy or blogs, PaperStreet writes original, custom content tailored to the client's needs. This includes topic development and writing following SEO best practices.

Branding services

All website designs come with logo development, and the more expensive packages include additional branding services like taglines and a service they call "big idea" development.

Outside of the web design plans, PaperStreet also offers a la carte branding solutions ranging from logo creation to corporate identity development to brochure creation.

How much does PaperStreet cost?

Part of the appeal of PaperStreet web design over other companies offering similar services is their guarantee of charging a flat rate.

But with that said, the prices highlighted below are rough ranges only. This is because all PaperStreet's services begin with a free consultation process in order to create a custom quote.

Essential website
$3,000 to $5,000+
Template website with text, color, and image customizations
5 stock photos
Homepage image slider
Logo design (+ 1-hour design)
No revisions included
Plus website
$9,500 to $15,000+
Everything in the Essential Plan, plus:
Custom homepage
Key messaging development
2 rounds of revisions
Custom website
$18,000 to $25,000+
Everything in the Plus plan, plus:
10 stock photos
2 custom subpages
Big idea and tagline development
4 rounds of revisions
Enterprise website
$40,000 to $100,000+
Everything in the Custom plan, plus:
2 custom subpages
8 custom subpages
Advanced functionality like proposal generation
Unlimited rounds of revisions
Internet marketing campaigns
$500 to $10,000 monthly
Custom digital marketing campaigns
Campaigns typically include website audit, content audit, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC
Content writing
$75 per page for content proofing, $175 per page for blog or copywriting
Proofing and editing cover up to 500 words
Blog or copywriting includes custom topic development based on SEO best practices, up to 500 words per page
Logos: $950 to $2,000
Corporate identity: $950
Brochures: $700 to $2625
Advertising services: custom quote
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Who is PaperStreet best suited for?

PaperStreet is hyper-focused on working with law firms. They have built their reputation on it. It's clear from their portfolio and the many off-site reviews that their key market is lawyers, law firms, and associated businesses.

But, with their focus on custom web design, they are also hyper-focused on larger firms, or at least those with at least $15,000 to spend on their website.

However, for those attorneys who don't have large marketing budgets or who want to have advanced features or functionality from their website, PaperStreet may not be the best bet. Of the limited online tools they do offer — a scheduler and proposal generator — these are only available for a substantially higher price tag.

What are the pros and cons of PaperStreet?

Varied and professional custom website designs that highlight the differentiators of each lawyer or company
Positive comments across third-party review platforms like Clutch
The client retains ownership over the final design
Even the most basic web design package is much more costly than other providers serving the same sector
Although prices are provided online, they are not very clear. In fact, in several cases, they were only available on a PaperStreet blog or in the fine print.
Formulaic digital marketing campaigns, with little proof of success. Their own social media channels have few followers and little engagement.
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How good are PaperStreet's pre-built website templates?

The PaperStreet web design company focuses almost entirely on custom web design services rather than templates. In their online portfolio, they showcase a variety of beautiful custom designs that highlight each firm's unique selling points and brand identity.

When it comes to their template-based websites, which are available under the Essentials Plan, it takes a bit of clicking around to find the right portfolio of examples. Within the template portfolio, marketed to small law firms and solo lawyers, they provide examples of about a dozen different templates.

These templates are notably less flashy, functional, and modern than their custom projects. These templates feel stiff and outdated in comparison. The only online tools we could find on the template examples were basic contact forms.

So custom web design aside, the pre-built templates offered by PaperStreet leave a lot to the imagination. They lack personality, functionality, and curb appeal. These basic templates are sold as an option for small law firms, yet they don't offer any useful features. Moreover, they are still substantially more expensive than other template-based law firm websites.

As a prime example, B12 is a web design company that creates professional attorney websites using AI technology and experts. Even our most basic plan includes powerful automations, payments, and conversion tools that help you attract, win, and serve your clients online.

By harnessing AI technology, B12 builds industry-specific site drafts in seconds and for a much more affordable price than PaperStreet.

Plus, you won't be stuck with just another boring template, because we help you dial in the draft with an expert team of copy, design, and SEO specialists to ensure the final product suits your brand identity and vision.

Does PaperStreet offer copywriting, design, or technical support?


One core focus of PaperStreet’s online marketing work is content marketing. They have a team of attorney writers and content managers who can blog, write web copy, and even create videos.

These are offered as a la carte services or rolled into a more extensive custom quote.

But with that said, when it comes to content for your website, this only comes with the higher level packages — not template designs. Template pages in their Essentials package require the clients to create all the content for the website.

As many solo attorneys and small law firms have discovered, writing copy is more time-consuming than it sounds.


A major highlight of PaperStreet's web design efforts is that they are custom. Whether that's just the custom home page included in the Plus Plan or a unique site created for their enterprise clients, it's obvious they prefer to work on these highly customized projects. Examples of these designs are available through their extensive online portfolio.

Outside of web design work, they also provide design services that help build your brand identity. This includes logo creation, brochure development, and ad creation. Although this work is often rolled into a more comprehensive website or marketing package, they are also available as stand-alone services.

Technical support

One of the areas where PaperStreet stands out is its technical support. Many reviewers on Clutch reported a highly efficient support team. In fact, PaperStreet promises a 24-hour turnaround for all requests within business hours.

Although not entirely clear on their website, ongoing technical support is provided for an additional monthly fee (over and above the design project). According to a review published on the Lawyerist, costs for hosting and support started at $100 per month.

What are some PaperStreet alternatives for small businesses?

For larger law firms looking for custom website design, there are many companies out there that can fulfill the same requirements as PaperStreet — and for similarly high price points. A few suggestions include LoungeLizard and OuterBox.

These high-end custom design companies create beautiful websites, but their projects typically start around $50,000 or more. This is an excellent option for a large firm with 50 or 100 partners but perhaps outside the budget for small firms and solo attorneys needing a new website.

What options are on the table if a $50,000 to $100,000 website project doesn't fit your budget? B12 is the best of both worlds: the speed and affordability of template-based website design, coupled with the creativity and unique expertise of a team of SEO, copywriter, and design specialists.

For a fraction of the cost of PaperStreet's custom designs, we can deliver a highly efficient, mobile-friendly, and SEO-driven website that's drafted in seconds — not months.

What's more, all of our affordable plans incorporate online tools that help you convert, serve, and manage your business. From online payment processing to email marketing to eSignatures, we ensure you have the tools to work with clients online.

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PaperStreet review summary

When it comes to high-end custom law firm websites, PaperStreet is a top contender. Their custom work highlights the unique selling points of your law practice and is generally quite modern in aesthetic. Additionally, according to the reviews, they have a great team that is easy to work with.

But of course, the downside is these flashy, eye-catching websites cost a hefty sum. The other downside is that PaperStreet’s more affordable template-based law firm websites don't offer the same sleek, elevated design features and instead fall flat.

The template websites produced by PaperStreet are basic, outdated, and generally do not include any helpful integrated online tools. Unfortunately, their template web designs are not worth the steep price tag.

So, where does that leave you? Instead of shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a custom design, why not try a different option — one that employs the power of AI technology in combination of human creativity and expertise?

B12 helps law firms and solo attorneys build beautiful professional websites. Our expert team and AI technology do the heavy lifting, ensuring you launch in 30 days with the right tools to streamline your business administration and convert more clients.

Want to see your new site draft? Get started today . No credit card is required.

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