Announcing B12 bookings, a seamless way to connect with your customers

We’re thrilled to announce B12 bookings! Our new bookings product makes it even easier for customers to schedule appointments with you directly on your website.

25 January, 2019· 12 min read

B12 bookings allows you to spend less time managing your schedule and more time growing your business. This product adds power and interactivity to your website by letting you easily connect with customers.

Our customers asked us for this, and we’re so excited to officially release it today! It was important to us to build bookings natively in B12 so it integrates with the perks of our human + machine model for a seamless experience.

We know how precious your time is. B12 bookings minimizes time spent on logistics and back-and-forth while helping your website reach customers and get conversions.

Bookings powered by algorithms and experts

It’s simple: You want to use bookings to get more business on your website. However, setting up and accepting bookings online can be difficult. Messing with code, trying to match the bookings interface to your website, updating your availability, and managing it across the web is a pain!

B12 bookings makes it easy. Our algorithms automatically set it up for you and make sure it matches your website. Our design experts can then customize it to make sure it’s perfect for your site. 😎

Once it’s added, B12 bookings allows you to easily set and update your default availability details. Bookings makes it convenient for you and your customers to cancel or reschedule in case something comes up. And you’ll get notified via email as soon as a customer schedules a new appointment, reschedules an existing appointment, or cancels.

It’s incredibly simple to add B12 bookings to your website and once you do, its user-friendly interface helps you stay organized as your customer base grows. It’s bookings done the human + machine way. Here are just a few of its many benefits:

Accept bookings 24/7

Fill your schedule and grow your business even when you’re offline. Your customers can book with you any time from their desktop, tablet, or phone.

Get notified

When customers book appointments on your website, they’ll receive an email confirmation and you’ll receive one too. No need to study your calendar to keep track of new appointments. We’ll act as your virtual assistant and keep you up to date. Get notified when a customer reschedules or cancels, too.

metropolitan marketing aapoinment

Stay organized

A calendar view displays all of your upcoming appointments. A booking view shows details about a particular appointment. And a customer view stores key customer details like contact information, past and upcoming appointments, and notes.

Save time (yours and theirs!)

Take the guesswork out of scheduling. Rather than field phone calls and comb through emails and form submissions, B12 bookings automatically shows your customers when you’re available so they can book their own appointments without delay.

Easily showcase services

B12 bookings makes it easier to market your services, not just physical products. This feature is more than a calendar, it’s the future of your business.

Keep it simple

It’s easy to add a new bookings section to your website or to an existing form. There’s no coding required and once you add it, it’s even easier to use. You can set and update your availability, duration of appointments, minimum time between appointments, and more details in minutes.

Stick to your style

When you add a B12 bookings section, it cohesively integrates with your existing website. Our algorithms ensure the new section’s design matches the rest of your site.

Add bookings to your website

b12 bookings image3

Whether you’ve had a B12 website for years or you’re just getting started, it’s incredibly simple to add bookings.

For new customers, our algorithms will automatically determine if your business is inclined to accept appointments, then add a bookings section accordingly. In this case, boom, you’re set up for bookings from day one!

If our algorithms don’t automatically add a bookings section to your website, you can always add one yourself or with the help of a B12 design expert. When bookings is initially added, your availability is set to default (9 am–5 pm, Monday through Friday), which you can always adjust later.

For those with a B12 website that already has a contact form, you can add the bookings feature within your form builder section of the B12 website editor. And as always, you have the option to let your design expert add bookings for you.

Don’t worry about setting your availability each week. You can set recurring availabilities as well as date-specific availabilities. Edit one day or the entire week as needed.

Customize the bookings form’s information and where you’d like to receive confirmation emails. Confirmations can be sent to one person or multiple team members to keep everyone in the loop.

Both you and the customer who filled out the form will receive email confirmations. The appointment will also display in the appointments calendar view (where availability is set).

Your customers can easily cancel appointments by following the link in their confirmation email or by you via the appointments calendar view.

Start getting more appointments today

When you add B12 bookings, your website becomes a one-stop shop to reach your customers. This new feature will help you stay organized and connect with more customers.

Immediate, self-serve booking right on your website means less opportunity for visitors to check out your competition while they wait to hear back from you. Turn visitors into customers by making it easy for them to schedule time with you. Get started with B12 bookings to effortlessly manage your schedule!

P.S. We’re featured on Product Hunt today. Read our creator note and leave a comment with your questions or feedback.

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