OpenAI features B12’s Website Generator in the GPT Store

Create and customize your website directly in ChatGPT using DALL-E

23 April, 2024· 2 min read

This week, OpenAI is featuring B12’s Website Generator GPT as the most popular way to build a website using ChatGPT. 

Website Generator GPT (available to all paid ChatGPT users) makes it quick and simple to generate a full professional website in a single prompt. The latest version of Website Generator takes advantage of OpenAI’s new functionality that lets you send files with GPT actions.

With this feature in the GPT Store, we’ve added some improved functionality, so you can generate logos and website images directly from ChatGPT using DALL-E. Once you’re happy with the website draft, continue to B12's website editor to further customize and launch your website for free!

screen shot 2024 04 23 at 1 14 07 pm

Here’s what you can do with Website Generator:

  • Use the “build and host a website” conversation starter to generate your site.

website generator gpt

  • Share basic details to help flesh out the site, including your business/project name and a short description.

screen shot 2024 04 23 at 3 00 01 pm

  • Continue customizing your website by asking Website Generator to generate a logo and change the background image. Our GPT integrates natively with DALL-E, which produces your images instantly in the same chat. 
  • Work with our GPT to iterate on your logo and website image as many times as you need until you get one that fits your vision. You can always change your website images, layout, fonts, color palette, and more from the B12 Editor later.
  • Want to use an existing image on your site? Upload the file and tell the GPT to include it in your site.

edit website hero

  • With one click, bring your site draft to the intuitive B12 Editor and continue personalizing it. Create your B12 account in one step to see your website draft, which resembles the preview you saw in ChatGPT, including the images you generated or uploaded. Make any additional edits then launch your site for free with B12! 

Note: If you’re going to create multiple websites using B12 (we hope you do!), be sure to use a different email address when signing up for each one.

Try B12’s Website Generator today!

The Website Generator GPT is the most efficient way to build a personalized, polished, and relevant website — as evidenced by our feature in the GPT Store! Launch your site for free and make updates over time with the easy B12 Editor. Try Website Generator now to create, code, or host a website instantly.

A big thank you to OpenAI for featuring us!

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