Lightning-fast website creation with B12's generative AI

Generate your tailored website in one click. To make edits, regenerate any section instantly.

5 March, 2024· 2 min read

Only a few years ago, templates and drag-and-drop interfaces were the most efficient way to build a good-looking website. That still left you with all of the hard creative work of identifying the best text and images for your site. With generative AI functionality baked into B12’s website editor, what used to take hours of tinkering is done in an instant. Using B12’s generative AI web design, building or updating your ideal site is only a click away and you never have to sacrifice personalization or polish.

B12 builds a fully functional website for you instantly. We create your personalized site, including content, images, forms, and calls to action specific to you. Want to change something? Regenerate an entire section’s text or layout in one click — as many times as you need — to ensure it’s perfect.

One-click creation and updates 🪄

Start by sharing your business name and a brief description. In one click, AI immediately creates a beautiful, tailored website. There’s no manual coding or drag-and-drop. Your site is immediately full of personalized content, images, forms, and calls to action that capture your niche and help accomplish your online goals. 

Updating your website shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult. With B12, it only takes one click to regenerate an entire section’s layout and content to better suit your preferences. You can make manual edits if you’d like, using our beginner-friendly editor. As always with B12, you have the option to work with our professional designers and copywriters for additional customization.

Launch today 🚀

B12’s generative AI web design is the most efficient way to publish a website unique to you. Our AI preps the best starting point for your new site, making it easy for you to curate and customize it fast.

Want to see generative AI in action? Try it for free and see your one-click website that’s launch-ready in minutes.

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