Introducing the B12 website editor 2.0 — making it easier than ever to grow your business online

Three years ago, we built the initial version of our website editor as a tool for experts to launch high-quality websites for our customers as quickly as possible. After working with tens of thousands of customers, we often heard that they also wanted access to the B12 website editor. That brings us to version 2.0 of the B12 website editor, which is available now!

14 December, 2018· 4 min read

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The new B12 website editor is the best of both worlds: powerful enough for web experts to create bespoke website designs, while simple enough for customers to edit various parts of their website in just one click.

We redesigned the entire editor user experience from the ground up to make it faster and easier to use. There are now three ways to launch and maintain your website simply and seamlessly:

  • Our algorithms. When you initially create your site, B12 algorithms build out a full draft that includes a relevant structure, theme, and content. Any time you add a new section or page, algorithms populate it with relevant text and images that you can edit. Our algorithms automate tedious design tasks to give your website the strongest possible starting point and allow you and your web expert to focus on being creative.

  • DIY (do it yourself). Our new editing experience lets you easily make changes to your website, like updating its content or adding a new section. For advanced functionalities, you can always use expert mode, which gives you the ability to customize any piece of your website.

  • DIFY (do it for you). With the click of a button, you can work with an experienced design expert to add complex integrations and build out your site to align with your business goals.

Pulling back the curtain, looking under the hood, … you get it

The problem with website builders is they’re too complicated to get the results that you want. You spend all that time working on a website only to feel unsatisfied with the result. And it’s no fault of your own — web design calls for expertise. That’s why we rely on experts to support our software.

Our algorithms give you a solid starting point. From there, the B12 website editor lets you finish your website on your own or call on experts for assistance. Have as much or as little control over your site as you’d like.

Our new website editor includes more ways to customize and power your site at every step: algorithms, DIY, and DIFY.

Instead of struggling to choose a template, stock photos, and write your own copy from scratch, B12’s algorithms offer a highly custom theme and relevant copy and images. When you add a section to your website, our algorithms populate it with content based on that particular section, (a “Services” section calls for different content than an “About” section), your industry, and your website needs. An accounting firm’s website will look, function, and read differently than a musician’s website. And of course, if the algorithms find the appropriate text or imagery on your old website or Facebook page, they will use those instead. Think of this foundation content as a solid starting point, then customize it based on your business.

The DIY aspect of B12’s new website editor makes it super simple to customize key parts of your website, including editing the text style and colors of components like section titles, subtitles, paragraphs, and text logos. You can also add page animations, change the number of columns in a section, add icons (Icons8) or images (Unsplash), change an image’s shape, add grids and overlays, and so much more in just a few clicks.

Website editor 2.0 offers you the option to switch on expert mode, which gives you or your web expert the ability to add extra layers of customization. Add integrations from the App Store or inject HTML or CSS to fully customize any aspect of your website.

Finally, B12’s DIFY experience encourages more complex design, functionality, and reporting. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your web expert whenever you need help. The B12 website editor dashboard now includes the option to quickly submit design requests to a vetted B12 expert with a fixed rate and instant availability. Moreover, we’ve built power tools for our users so they can work lightning fast!

Experts will also add page-level and website-level SEO, and once you set up Google Analytics, they’ll send you monthly emails summarizing your site’s performance and offering personalized recommendations to help you reach your business goals.

Building a brighter future of creative work

The new B12 website editor is all about control when you want it and complexity with expert assistance when you need it. We’ll continue to update the product to make it even simpler to edit on your own while adding more advanced tools so you can collaborate with web experts to ensure your website meets your needs and your customers’ needs.

And as always, we want to hear from you. Our customers’ feedback is what inspired this powerful new website editor and it’s what helps team B12 grow so we can discover even more ways to help your business succeed online.

Ready to experience a better way to work on your website? Try version 2.0 of our website editor now. For more details about this update, check out our launch on Product Hunt.

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