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Your life coaching website must inspire and engage visitors

As a life coach, your services are invaluable.

You work with clients to make their dreams come true and transform their lives for the better. But what about your own goals for your business? One of the best ways to make those a reality is to build a website that does more of the work for you and effortlessly supports your clientele.

From the second someone lands on your life coaching website, they should feel a sense of peace and empowerment. Make it easy for them to learn all about the value you offer, and the process of working with you, then take action to get started improving their life. A site that your audience loves can yield incredible results to grow your life coaching business and help you offer your services more efficiently.

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When life coaching clients are ready to start the process of making tangible changes in their lives, you don’t want your online presence to slow them down.

Every life coach website should make the client journey as simplified and streamlined as possible, from submitting their first contact form to scheduling an introductory session and re-engaging them via automated email to when it’s time for their second.

An effective website platform will provide every tool you need to show up where potential clients are, impress them with a stunning custom website, and engage them using conversion tools like intake forms, pop-ups, and banners. In only a couple of clicks, they should be able to get in touch with you or schedule an appointment directly on your site.

Once a website visitor becomes a client of your coaching business, ensure you have workflows that make it quick and easy for them to resign their contract each year using eSignatures, receive personalized invoices and submit payment, and receive frequent nurture emails from you.

Reliable, secure, and fully supported

Must-haves for life coaching websites

What every coaching website needs

Stunning website design

A modern website makes it easier to gain visibility and connect with people who need coaching. Working with a professional designer will help ensure your site more efficiently sells your services, and that all elements, including its layout, navigation, and branding, encourage visitors to contact you.

Credibility and authority

Your website has only seconds to convey your knowledge, compassion, and creativity to visitors. Be sure to emphasize clear calls to action, social proof from happy clients, and any relevant awards or accreditations. With 73% of coaching clients reporting an improvement in their relationships and communication skills due to coaching, you should feel confident asking your clients for a testimonial.

Tools for lead generation

Build your website to accelerate lead generation by simplifying your client journey and including elements like live chat, email newsletter signup, promotional banners, and blog posts. These features and tools allow you to collect more lead information with less effort and time on your part. Instead, you can stay focused on providing service to existing clients.

Efficient client engagement

Working with your life coaching business should delight, engage, and retain clients at every step of the journey. Consumers now expect to be able to do it all online and fast, including signing contracts, submitting documents, scheduling coaching sessions, and paying their balance. Create a personalized, convenient client experience that centralizes more parts of your business, so you save time and work more efficiently.

Great life coach website design can help you grow your business fast

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What do other service providers think of B12’s approach to web design?

Leroy Maxwell Jr.

I would recommend B12 to any company that wants a team to manage and grow their website while they focus on growing the business. With B12, founders can be rest assured that their website is in good hands and, more importantly, prove its value and ROI.

Leroy Maxwell Jr.
Founder of Maxwell Tillman / B12 customer Since 2020

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Brett Packard

What B12 offers in terms of support service and design knowledge is what we were looking for. We finally have a website we’re proud of.

Brett Packard
Head of Operations at TaxStudio / B12 customer Since 2021

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Barbara Bartelsmeyer

We save a lot in monthly costs by switching to B12. We aren’t charged extra for optimization tools anymore. We aren’t overcharged for redesigning, because with B12, making changes are part of your normal day.

Barbara Bartelsmeyer
Partner & COO of Action Logistix / B12 customer Since 2020

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Helping life coaches across the U.S. make a good impression with a stunning website

Coaching is a $2.85 billion global industry, and life coaching, in particular, is increasing in popularity. As competition in your industry increases, you need a way to stand out and elevate your brand. Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful, client-centric website to grow your coaching business and improve your services.

B12 builds powerful custom websites for coaches and consultants that fulfill industry best practices, emphasize your value proposition, and are easy to use. Let experts in web design, content, and SEO take the lead on your new site while weighing in with feedback any time or making edits yourself using our intuitive website editor tool.

The B12 platform was designed specifically for service businesses, and our team has built hundreds of coaching websites that showcase a company's unique expertise and include every tool you need to convert, serve, and retain coaching clients. B12’s commitment to helping our customers thrive online has earned us hundreds of positive reviews and 4+ stars on all of the top review websites, including

B12’s commitment to helping our customers thrive online has earned us hundreds of positive reviews and 4+ stars on all of the top review websites, including

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Frequently asked questions from
life coaches

B12 pricing plans include on-page and off-page SEO, so your website copy is optimized for terms your prospective clients are searching for, and your life coaching business is listed on relevant directories for your industry and location.

This may sound like something you can do yourself, but SEO is complicated and ever-changing. You're busy growing a business, which makes it difficult to keep up with Google's unpredictable algorithm changes and their impact on your website and its content. You're better off working with a professional, who can anticipate and swiftly update your site to improve its reach with prospects searching for life coaching services on Google.

If you're still in the process of deciding if B12 is the right platform for your website project and SEO, download our free ultimate SEO guide to learn more about why SEO matters now more than ever, how to conduct keyword research, how to optimize for a website for more organic traffic, and when you should work with an SEO expert instead of doing it yourself.

Yes, we have experience building custom websites for all types of coaches and consultants to help them communicate their expertise and reach their ideal clients. Whether you're a life coach, mindset coach, health coach, or fitness coach, visit our website gallery to check out examples and get inspiration and ideas for your new site.

Comparing your online presence to other businesses is a great way to ensure you’re delivering what clients expect, whether it’s the integrations and functionality built into your website, how services are messaged and marketed, and the online booking and payment process. You may also uncover new approaches to make website calls to action more enticing, utilize videos on your site, and elevate your content marketing (e.g., offer a free guide with a 30-day plan to live a better life).

No, B12 uses its own AI technology, original design themes, and professional web designers to create custom websites that look beautiful, reflect your brand, attract leads, and allow you to build a more convenient client experience. Our solution makes it simpler to stay organized as a busy business owner, thanks to a centralized platform with everything from invoicing to appointment scheduling pages that match your website and branding.

When deciding between using a generic website template versus collaborating with a professional designer, consider how important web design is to your visitors and its potential impact on your business growth:

These web design statistics reinforce why it’s crucial to get help from a professional web designer who knows how to make sure your site operates correctly on mobile, loads fast, and is simple for visitors to navigate.

Yes, we have in-house copywriters who will create new content for you (including blog posts and SEO-specific pages) or update your existing content to ensure it forges a personal connection with website visitors, continues generating leads, converts prospects, and supports your business goals.

Your website copy will complement your web design and marketing strategy, so your site is easy to navigate, has a clean layout, and communicates your unique vision as a life coach. Both copy and design, from your brand colors to calls to action, work together to create cohesive branding and set you up to get more clients.


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