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Your tax law firm’s website is more than just a digital business card

A bare-bones landing page isn’t enough for your law practice anymore.

With the right design, content, and features, a website has the power to be your law firm’s #1 sales tool that generates leads, converts clients, and keeps them coming back for your legal services. Above all else, your website must appear credible. With tax law, people’s livelihoods are at stake, which is why it’s vital that you build trust with prospects and clients from the second they land on your site.

Your tax law firm’s website should look professional, showcase the value of your practice area, and have robust functionality that allows clients to work with you in the way that’s convenient for them.

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Drive leads and engage clients before tax season starts

Even though a tax attorney's busy season is generally from February to April, in reality, your website needs to be updated, optimized, and ready to support clients year-round.

During slower periods, it should do more of the work for you to gain clients and simplify the intake process. The right website platform will ensure you have every tool you need to show up in potential clients' search results, make a great first impression when they reach your site, and carefully nurture them toward conversion.

Once someone hires you, your site should include functionality that makes it simple to contact you, submit important tax documents, schedule their next appointment, and submit payments — all without leaving your website.

Drive leads and engage clients before tax season starts

What every tax lawyer website needs

What every tax lawyer website needs

Professional images and modern design

A modern-looking website includes high-quality imagery and design elements. Cohesive branding and an intuitive layout can immediately build trust and guide website visitors to take the next step with your firm.

Unique branding and value proposition

Every website needs a clear value proposition that accurately represents your unique tax law expertise and services. Your brand identity should immediately impact visitors through design, content, and images that tell your specific story.

Tools for lead generation

Infusing your website with highly effective lead generation tools, including forms, banners, and pop-ups, allows you to capture more leads with less effort and fuel ongoing growth for your firm.

Ability to easily engage clients

The right website platform will double as a ​client engagement platform that helps you easily reach, retain, and get paid by your tax law clients. Tools like eSignatures, email automation, and online scheduling streamline the steps it takes to service your clientele.

Good law firm website design can help you grow your business fast

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What do other lawyers think about B12’s website design for law firms?

Ron Matten

We have added a partner and doubled the size of our team. More recently, [B12] redesigned our website to incorporate video into the homepage and was extremely helpful when we decided to refresh our brand. They made the process very easy to make updates while staying consistent with our prior branding. The site [now] helps better manage client leads by funneling to a single point of contact.

Ron Matten
Founder of Matten Law / B12 customer Since 2018

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Julliana Reyes

We get a lot of compliments on our website. Many potential clients are very impressed by our site, and often say it looks expensive.

Julliana Reyes
Founder of Bailey Reyes Law Firm / B12 customer Since 2018

Jia Junaid

I love that B12 prompts me to update certain [website] features and add integrations like online scheduling to increase efficiency in my law firm. These recommendations are often things that I would have never considered but have proved to be incredibly useful.

Jia Junaid
Founder of Atlas Law / B12 customer Since 2018

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Helping tax attorneys across America build professional websites

B12 specializes in building custom websites for tax law firms that meet industry best practices and make the best first impression on every potential client. Our team manages your website project entirely, but is directed by your preferences, feedback, and what you like about other tax law websites. Thanks to the ability to make quick updates using our intuitive website editor, you can have as much control as you want.

The B12 platform was built specifically for service-based businesses, and our experts have built hundreds of law firm websites that showcase a company's unique value proposition and equip it with all of the tools needed to encourage website visitors to become clients.

B12’s commitment to helping our customers thrive online has earned us hundreds of positive reviews and 4+ stars on all of the top review websites, including

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Frequently asked questions from attorneys

No, unlike platforms such as Wix or WordPress, B12 websites are first designed by AI and then customized by our web design experts. The result is a site that showcases your value and is specific to your company rather than a cookie-cutter design you’ve seen time and time again.

We have built hundreds of websites for law firms across practice areas, including tax law. Our sites are a great fit for small- to mid-size firms and solo practitioners, and are designed to evolve with you as your practice grows. Find inspiration and examples of law firm websites in our website gallery.

The best website layout depends on your firm’s service offerings and what you're trying to achieve online, but no matter what, it should look modern and allow visitors to navigate efficiently to what they’re looking for.

When you work with B12 on a law firm website, our designers develop your site based on your specific business goals, design preferences, and client needs. We follow legal industry best practices, ensure your content and design are on-brand, and test that all pages function as intended.

From end to end, the process to design and launch a new website takes only 30 days. To start, our AI creates a website draft for you in 60 seconds. Then, you tell us a little bit about your tax law practice and design preferences, which our designers use to personalize your site.

Once our designers incorporate your feedback into your website and you approve it, your professional site is ready to launch and serve clients, with tools for client engagement, payments, and more.

Yes, our experts can embed videos from a YouTube link for you, or you can follow these DIY steps and add it to your site using the B12 website builder.

While B12 isn't a marketing platform, many of our great features and tools, including SEO, website forms, and email marketing, are designed to make it easier for you to generate new leads, contact them fast, and convert them to clients.

We also have an extensive Resource Center article library full of marketing tips and techniques to help you create a strategy for your tax law office that drives visitors to your site and increases your chances of winning their business.


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