Free email template generator

An engaging email message can make your business stand out, but writing professional emails is deceptively time-consuming.

Let B12's email template creation tool produce copy in seconds to save time, capture contacts' attention, and effectively sell your services.

Sending emails to your customers can help boost your website traffic, improve sales, and build relationships.

Why emails are so important for your business

Email is one of the most effective tools at your disposal, with the highest ROI of any marketing strategy or channel.

Want to set your firm apart from companies offering similar services and stay top of mind with clients? Email is your answer.

According to a report from Radicati, approximately 3 billion people use email each year. It boosts brand awareness, promotes your website, and brings in more revenue. Customers spend 138% more on average if they’ve received email marketing. As a result, email marketing campaigns boast an impressive ROI of 3800%. Pair that return with the time savings you get from a user-friendly free email template generator, and your efficiency skyrockets.

Why emails are so important for your business

Use B12's free email template generator to email clients more effectively

The B12 email template generator is designed to inspire your sales, marketing, and other informational or transactional emails.

Based on your input, the generated email provides a jumping-off point from which you can further refine an email’s content to fit your brand and the recipient. It's meant to be the start, not the finish line. You'll want to add more details and personalization to craft the perfect email.

How to use B12's free email template generator to generate catchy emails

How to write an effective email for your customers

The best emails inspire readers to take action, whether visiting your website, scheduling a consultation, or referring a friend to your business. When customizing your email template, try to include the following ingredients.


Offer value in exchange for someone’s email address (e.g., access to exclusive content or a discount code) and use similar incentives to encourage them to purchase your services.

Catchy subject line

Vague, boring subject lines may mean someone never even opens the email you spent time on. Write an attention-grabbing subject line that entices contacts to learn more.

Looks great on a mobile device

Responsive emails are a requirement now, since 62% of emails are opened on mobile. Use responsive email templates to ensure your message looks great on Apple and Android devices.


Concise copy in a simple design gives the reader a clear focus. Try to include your call to action above the fold so they can see the next steps without scrolling.


Emails with personalization in the subject line have 50% higher open rates. Personalize your email template with the recipient’s name, previously purchased services, or client milestones.

Resources to help inspire your emails

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Frequently asked questions about emails

You should use an email marketing tool to reach your contacts. B12 offers email marketing that lets you design, automate, and send high-quality emails in minutes, keeping prospects and clients engaged with your firm and aware of your value.

With B12, responsive email templates automatically match your website and branding to create a more consistent experience for contacts. Choose from an email template library of prewritten, customizable messages to save time and send sooner. Set up automated sequences like email payment reminders and appointment confirmations to reduce your repetitive tasks. Less time spent on email campaigns leaves more for business growth and client work.

If your emails are driving the results you want, you may not need to change them. However, it’s a good idea to review your email copy and design a couple of times a year to ensure it’s still accurate and on brand.

When making changes to an email template, plan to A/B test it. Compare results from the newest iteration against the original version to learn what performs best with your audience. Testing your emails enables you to feel confident that what you’re sending resonates.

B12's email template generator takes the keywords and phrases you provide, and using AI, drafts an email. Simply share a few brief points about the purpose of your message, such as "remind client to schedule a follow-up appointment, click Schedule Now." Type this information into the generator field above and click the "Generate my email" button. You’ll immediately see a free email draft that you can use as inspiration and customize to fit your business needs.

Yes! B12's email template generator is absolutely free and can be used repeatedly. Our free email template builder provides email copy to customize and use as you see fit.

By starting with B12's email template generator, you can more quickly create custom templates for everything from upsells and re-engagement to transactional messages.

The average professional spends 28% of their work time writing and reading emails! Imagine all the other important tasks you could check off your list instead. Email tools like the B12 email template builder allow you to reap the benefits of frequent communication — engagement, connecting with clients, and promoting your business – without dedicating so many hours to it.

No, there are no custom HTML or coding skills required to create emails with our email template builder. Simply save the text we produce for you and customize it within your preferred email marketing platform.

You need a responsive email template builder that creates attractive designs and adapts to your requirements. Most widely used email template builders allow you to create an HTML email template using a drag-and-drop editor and pre-made templates.

Many of these tools offer a basic free version or free trial, but it's usually limited, lacking more advanced features. If you're planning to email clients frequently, it's worth investing in an email builder tool with responsive templates that match your branding.

The best email template builder for you isn't necessarily what's most popular, but one that makes your daily life easier, seamlessly combining with other elements of your online presence, like your website, contact manager, and online scheduling. One like B12!

B12 monthly subscriptions include a user-friendly email editor that allows you to save time setting up custom email campaigns. In total, it only takes a few minutes to create beautiful emails and send them. Choose a template from our extensive library of pre-written messages and personalize it to bring your custom email template to life without paying for a third-party HTML email template builder or drag-and-drop email builder.


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