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'The workplace is undergoing rapid transformation. Everywhere you turn, you hear tales of automation, the destruction of jobs, and the emergence of new work models. Change is coming, and there are countless statistics and reports detailing this transition. Regardless of what you think the future of work might look like, boiling things down to a simple set of statistics is dangerous: it dehumanizes the impact of workforce change and provides none of the richness that real people’s experiences provide.'

21 July, 2017· 2 min read
When we talk about 47% of jobs being automated by 2034 or 50% of the workforce freelancing by 2020, the personal stories of work are lost. And there is no doubt that work at its core is highly personal. Work is where many of us spend the majority of our week; it is where we forge some of our closest relationships; it is where we can find meaning by practicing our craft and earning a living. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of #howiwork by B12 to share these personal stories.

#howiwork is an initiative designed to highlight the beautiful and diverse ways in which the world works. Every week, a participant takes over our Instagram account and tells the story of their workday. You can follow along live on the @seehowiwork Instagram account or check out previous stories on our website. Over the last couple of months, we have been lucky to see how World DJ Champion DJ Shiftee compiles new music in his home studio, how entrepreneur Neha Chauhan moonlights to create Girls & Co, a new line of inspiring dolls and how Daniela Retelny is shaping the future of work as she builds product at B12.
Our goal is to be at the frontlines and share the often untold and heroic ways in which people work. In telling these stories, we hope to garner a collective appreciation for the effort and sacrifices our participants make for their work. We also hope to paint a broader narrative around how work is changing through technology and shifting workforce patterns. Check us out, and if you know someone who should be featured, let us know!
#howiwork is featured on @ProductHunt today. Big thanks to @nickabouzeid for the hunt:

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