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Review: Using LocaliQ to grow your business

18 May, 2023 ·Business
Review: Using LocaliQ to grow your business
Is LocaliQ the right platform to help your company find and convert customers, or is there a better alternative?

As a small business owner, you know that growth is essential. The right marketing solution can be a make or break for your business, so choosing the right one is not a decision to be taken lightly. 

Most small business owners can’t allot extra time or money into building or enhancing their online presence, let alone spend energy on marketing themselves effectively. What to do next can feel like a big step (because it is.) LocaliQ’s growth platform, as one example, might be helpful in this journey. 

Let’s take a moment to investigate if their services can help your business.

What is LocaliQ?

LocaliQ is a marketing platform geared toward helping businesses find, convert and maintain customers. Often reaching the growth goals you want means generating new leads on Google and building, or strengthening, your web presence.  

The digital marketing company is fueled by technology that combines algorithms with data to optimize efficacy across marketing channels. Their features, such as marketing automation and channel campaign management, allow businesses to reach audiences on specific channels.    

LocaliQ is part of Gannett's global media company. Gannett’s business solutions allow businesses to gain the audiences and technology solutions they need. The previous ReachLocal and ThriveHive marketing solutions brands under the Gannett umbrella were consolidated into a single name and are now referred to as LocaliQ.  

What features does LocaliQ include?

LocaliQ has a list of product and service offerings that help find, convert, and keep customers online. Some of their main products and services include websites, SEO, social media marketing, various online advertising types, and marketing automation and dashboards.

Digital marketing products and services:


Allows businesses to create a mobile-optimized, conversion-friendly site.


Increases traffic to websites with keywords and technical optimizations.

Social Media Marketing:

Manages a business’s social media accounts.


Ad types:


Runs campaigns across popular search engines.


Increases brand engagement with social ads.

Marketing Automation and Dashboards:

Allows a business to gain insights needed for actionable growth. Includes tracking, and lead engagement solutions to help convert and keep customers. 

How much does LocaliQ cost?

Finding pricing information on the LocaliQ website is difficult. Their pricing information and breakdowns are not listed on their site, so it is not easily accessible. It would appear this is intentional, ensuring that a potential customer has to start their journey into using the solution before discovering pricing.

After extensive digging outside their website, it is possible to track down some of their pricing details. How reliable this information is remains to be seen, unless you commit to pursuing LocaliQ’s services, or call their support line for answers. Here’s what we could find: LocaliQ offers self-serve and premium solutions. 

Free, self-serve experience:

  • Access to Free Website Grader
  • Access to Free Inbound Call Recorder
  • Access to Chatbot - free and paid versions available ($9.99/month)
  • Access to Scheduling Technology - free and paid versions available ($9.99/month)
  • Access to Listings solutions ($9.99/month and $14.99/month options available). 

Premium solutions:

A LocaliQ expert partners with a user to create a marketing plan for their business that will use the full suite of marketing products.

Who is LocaliQ best suited for?

LocaliQ is a marketing platform that can assist businesses find, convert, and keep customers with the use of various marketing tools. This includes automation, channel campaign management, marketing dashboards, and insight tools.

According to online reviews, LocaliQ is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s relatively affordable and is a decent fit for companies with less complexity and fewer customers. But there seem to be some holes in their own website that could reflect their quality of service.   

As a small but mighty growing business, transparency is key. You want to have confidence in the company you’re partnering with. B12’s AI technology and tools are specifically built for professional service providers, and we’re backed with the case studies to prove it. 

We’ll bring your website vision to life with custom content, top-notch client engagement, and powerful automated workflows. B12 is here to help your business stand out among your competitors.

What are the pros and cons of using LocaliQ?


  • Manages all digital ads, video ads, google adwords, LinkedIn ads, SEO, and SEM 
  • Enables automated marketing campaign set up and marketing dashboard 
  • Manages a business’s website


  • Employees leave in the middle of the project (is this the case across the board for current and future employees?) 
  • Too much back and forth communication needed to get on the same track 
  • Branding strategies not always the best or right strategy for a business

Does LocaliQ offer technical support?

The company leaves much to be desired when it comes to its support options. One of the very first things a user will look for on a website is their FAQ section to get some quick and easy answers. LocaliQ does not appear to have an FAQ section anywhere on their website, which is something that’s rarely seen.

In order to have questions answered or to find new information, there are two options. The first is calling their support line via the phone number given on the website. Unfortunately, that’s the only form of communication offered by the LocaliQ team until you’re a paying customer. There isn’t a chat or e-mail option available, which is also quite rare these days.

The second option is going to their resource center to see if you can find what you're looking for. They have a blog, marketing lab, and educational content section. Going this route may be informative to some degree, but if you have a pressing question that needs a quick response, you’ll have to exert quite a bit of patience on the wait time, especially if you can’t get through to a support representative in short order. 

B12’s website, on the other hand, has clear access to whatever it is you need. We have an entire section titled Helpful Information and Tools, which has quick and clear access to resources, guides, business tools, and support links. 

Our Support Center is full of helpful guidance and tutorials, with a multitude of convenient options to either speak to a live person over the phone, send off an e-mail, or use our chat. 

What are some LocaliQ alternatives for small businesses?

There is no case study section provided on the LocaliQ website, which would be a noticeable concern for most potential customers. If you can’t quickly locate other business owners' experiences, how willing are you to trust in a company? How can you get a feel for whether they’re right for you? There is one small section with a mere 4 examples of satisfied clients, but it’s relatively buried and comparatively thin. 

Though LocaliQ appears to have good marketing strategies in place, users need reassurance that the company isn’t just talking the talk, but indeed walking the walk. All in all, there seems to be quite a lot of work to be done when it comes to their own website. 

If LocaliQ isn’t the path you want to take as a small business owner, there are plenty of alternatives out there. A web builder like B12 has ample examples and case studies of satisfied business owners. With rave reviews across many industries, our company has proven its ability to provide what small business owners need. 

Attract. Win. Serve.

By combining our best-in-class designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists with AI and integrated tools, we’ve come up with the perfect solution to help you efficiently gain prospects and better serve clients.

LocaliQ review summary

Is LocaliQ the best solution for your business? Unfortunately, some of the negative reviews haven’t indicated as much. From employees leaving amidst projects, to too much back-and-forth communication to get aligned, to insufficient branding strategies, the list of shortcomings is worth noting.

One LocaliQ review has said the company provides a good product, but doesn’t get into the truly advanced features that create value for clients looking to really stand out. Others have not been impressed with their limited support options.

If LocaliQ isn't for you, rest assured there is a better option. With expert-led services, B12 always delivers where other companies fall flat. We help you create a mobile-friendly, search-engine-optimized website with client engagement, integrations, traffic reporting, and automation. Try B12 today.

Other LocaliQ FAQs

Who owns LocaliQ?

Gannett is their parent company, owning other digital marketing services companies in addition to LocaliQ, and runs a large media-owned events business in the U.S. LocaliQ is a marketing platform that helps businesses find, convert, and keep customers with a suite of marketing tools and services.

Does LocaliQ cater only to local businesses?

LocaliQ caters to local businesses as well as national, claiming to create performance-driven marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences in both communities

How can I cancel marketing services with LocaliQ?

This information is only detailed in their legal section and also requires a fair bit of digging. They don’t make it extremely straightforward to cancel. A business can technically cancel any LocaliQ Marketing Service at any time, and for any reason, by contacting a service representative over the phone to issue a Cancellation Request. That number is listed on their website.

Where is LocaliQ based?

The company is headquartered in the United States in McLean, Virginia.

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