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5 things business owners can feel optimistic about despite Covid-19

5 things business owners can feel optimistic about despite Covid-19

Keep reading to learn more about the five things business owners can feel optimistic about despite Covid-19.

Building remote connections with clients when you're stuck working from home

Building remote connections with clients when you're stuck working from home

Below, we present nine of our favorite ways to maintain personal connections in business while working remotely.

still image of snapback live website

How a Los Angeles-based DJ company moved the party online with live stream shows during Covid-19

This spotlight features Snapback Live, a Los Angeles entertainment company that hosts the best old-school hip-hop parties on the West Coast.

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Will more commercial real estate showings take place online after Covid-19?

While we don’t know how, when, or even if life will return to “normal” post-Covid, one thing is certain: many commercial real estate showings will take place online for the foreseeable future.

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9 productive ways to spend your time when business is slow

When your business starts slowing down, it can be immensely worrying. Whenever this happens (and it happens to everyone) remember to take a deep breath, think rationally, and start planning.

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Tips to keep selling your products and services during Covid-19

No matter your industry, if you're a small business owner, the current pandemic can't end soon enough. Here's what you can do for your business to make the best of an unfair situation.

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How Covid-19 is changing the way small businesses operate

To help you better adapt to the current situation, we've rounded up information about recent changes, made some predictions, and assembled tips to facilitate your bounceback.

website screenshot of Bluefire accounting

How a Charlotte-based accounting firm maintains business continuity during the pandemic

This spotlight features BlueFire Accounting, a Charlotte-based firm that provides accounting services for small businesses.

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19 businesses on how they’re utilizing their website during Covid-19

B12 asked small business owners around the country to share more about how their website has allowed them to maintain business operations during a global pandemic.

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Is Covid-19 impacting SEO?

One facet of business that has been hit hard by Covid-19 is marketing. Advertising budgets have been slashed, consumers are watching their spending, and companies aren't sure how to maintain engagement amid the current circumstances.

FitFuel Meal Prep website

FitFuel Meal Prep pivots to clean-eating delivery in the wake of Covid-19

This spotlight features FitFuel Meal Prep, a San Diego-based meal prep service that specializes in clean eating.

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How to hold better Zoom consultations for your firm

Read on to learn how to hold better Zoom consultations and keep your firm running remotely.

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How to choose between Zoom vs. GoToMeeting for your company

Zoom and GoToMeeting are leading video conference services. If you’re trying to decide which one is better for your business, check out this detailed comparison of their pricing and capabilities.

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Keeping your website updated from home during Covid-19

In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about updating your website during Covid-19, including specific tools you can use and strategies that can generate additional income.

Speech bubble on chalkboard with a light bulb for FAQ pages

How to create an effective FAQ page for your customers

Understanding the necessity of an FAQ page is one thing, but how do you write a great one? Here are tips on how to create a strong FAQ page.

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