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5 ways to use your email signature for lead generation

Learn how to use your email signature as a time-saving, low-effort way to generate more leads and market your services.

5 ways to use your email signature for lead generation

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always on the lookout for easier ways to generate leads. In fact, 61% of business owners say that generating leads is their biggest challenge. One often untapped opportunity is to use your professional email signature as a low-effort, cost-effective way to get clients and leads to engage with your firm and services. Your email signature is part of your branding — like a physical business card — but it has the power to drive action through calls to action and links to your website. If you’re strategic, your email signature can help you grab a contact’s attention, provide information, and nudge them to take the next step with your business.

In this post, we’ll recommend five ways to leverage your email signature to capture leads and keep your pipeline full.

5 ways to turn your email signature into a lead generator

When a prospect is ready to speak with you, a delay of more than a few minutes can hurt your chances of converting them. Make it easy for potential clients to book a meeting with you by adding the link to your website’s scheduling page to your email signature. 

With online scheduling, your contact sees real-time availability and openings on your calendar in seconds. You completely reduce the back and forth of trying to find a time to speak, and scheduling software saves you from manually calculating time zone differences by automatically displaying meeting times in each person’s time zone. 

Share your intake form in your company email signature to make it easy for your prospects to become clients. Automatically including a direct link to this form instead of emailing a document back and forth cuts down the steps in your conversion process and helps you serve clients faster and stay organized. 

Use your custom intake forms to gather information, like who referred clients to you and the services they’re interested in. You can use your intake forms in tandem with digital contracts and eSignatures to give new clients the flexibility to complete forms and contracts entirely online.

Does your business have any seminars or webinars coming up? Change your email signature to promote your events and link to your signup form to generate more registrants. This is a quick and simple way to gain awareness with your target audience and show prospects that you’re an authority in your field. 

Promote your blog 

Consider including calls to action in your email signature that promote your blog, so you can share valuable information and showcase your expertise in the industry. This is a great way to drive traffic back to your website, which gives you more opportunities to convert leads into paying clients. 

Fresh blog content is generally more engaging than linking to your homepage and more likely to hold a visitor’s attention for longer, especially if they’re still in the awareness phase of your funnel.  

Share social proof

If you’re communicating with potential clients, one of the most enticing ways to convince them of your value is to share reviews, testimonials, and case studies from successful clients. Any evidence of how your services helped a client save time or money and reach their desired outcome can boost your company’s credibility.

When emailing existing clients, you can use your email signature to ask for reviews and make it easy for them to share their experience by linking directly to your preferred review platform, whether it’s Google My Business, Yelp, or Avvo. You can also solicit referrals by offering a discount or incentive for clients who refer someone to your business. This is an effective way to generate new business while building stronger relationships with current clients.

B12 customer and attorney Juliana Reyes asks everyone who consults with her for a review even if they don’t ultimately hire her firm: “I still ask them at the end of the consultation, ‘If your experience was good, will you leave me a brief, positive review? You found me on Google and perhaps other people are also looking there.’ 

Actually yesterday we got a new review and it was from someone who did not end up hiring us but had a good experience at the consultation. It’s about not being afraid to say ask.”

More email signature best practices for businesses

Add your contact information 

Your email signature should always include your contact information, such as phone number, email address, your title, and link to your business website. You should also have your company’s hours in there to make it easy for contacts to know when you’re available. This is especially important during the holiday season or busy periods for your business, like in the weeks leading up to tax filing.

Include your image 

Having a headshot in your email signature adds a human element to your firm and helps people connect with your message. Make sure the photo you use is professional quality — no selfies, weird cropping, or blurriness. 

As we mentioned above, your email signature is a branding opportunity and should be cohesive with the rest of your online presence. Include your logo in your email signature to look professional and re-enforce your business’ presence. 

Directing contacts to your social media accounts gives them another way to connect with you and follow along with your firm online. Social media is an extension of your contact details and your marketing since it’s a place where you can respond to inquiries and promote new services, recently published blog posts, and upcoming webinars. 

Promote a call to action

Make the most of your email signature by including a call to action that invites your prospect to learn more about your services, schedule a consultation, or take advantage of a limited-time discount. Include a link to the relevant page of your website where potential clients can easily find out more information, set an appointment, or make a purchase.

Use B12 to make a great impression online 

To get even more out of your emails for lead generation and consolidate your online workflows, a tool like B12 helps your efforts go further, adds efficiency, and keeps you organized. Use B12 to create professional-looking emails that match your website and have custom calls to action. Send marketing emails directly from the B12 platform, which also includes your business website, online payments, scheduling software, intake forms, and more. 

B12 is the best way to service businesses to promote their offerings, drive leads, and nurture client relationships. Try B12 today by receiving a free AI draft of your new website in only 60 seconds, then get started with email marketing and other built-in business tools.  

Personalize your professional email signature now

Don’t overlook email signature marketing as an easy way to build brand awareness and move leads along in your funnel. Follow these lead-generation tips for your email signature, and you’ll be on your way to nurturing relationships and converting more new clients in no time.

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