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10Web - Create a Stunning Website for Your Online Business
10Web - Create a Stunning Website for Your Online Business




Launch an AI website for $1/month

With 10Web’s help, users can create an engaging website to grow their online business. 10Web offers AI tools that give users the ability to create and refine their websites. It has a specific AI web builder for eCommerce businesses, automated hosting, and PageSpeed Booster so users can create a site with top-notch performance. Through 10Web, users can scale their eCommerce efforts using tools like product page customization and inventory tracking.


  • AI eCommerce website builder and AI Assistant
  • Business name generator
  • AI generative tool for marketing strategies
  • AI SEO


  1. What is 10Web?

10Web is an AI tool that allows you to streamline website creation through handy features such as eCommerce website building, automated hosting, and PageSpeed Booster.

  1. Is 10Web AI builder free?

This AI tool has both free and paid versions. With 10Web’s free AI Assistant account, users can enjoy up to 2,000 words every month. Plus, users get the ability to link their existing WordPress site to 10Web. 

  1. What are the benefits of 10Web?

The biggest benefit of 10Web is that it speeds up the website creation process, helping users build their website, make edits to it even with minimal or no technical know-how, add pages, and effortlessly recreate an existing website. 

  1. How to use 10Web for free?

Users can access 10Web for free by first going to its dedicated AI Assistant page to create an account. Once their account is made, users can download 10Web’s AI Assistant plugin and connect it to WordPress. They’ll then have to activate the plugin to start using 10Web for free. 

  1. What are the key features of 10Web?

The key features of 10Web are its AI Website Builder, SEO and eCommerce tools, AI Assistant, as well as generators for marketing strategies and unique business names.

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