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B12 - Generative AI Website Builder & Business Tools
 B12 - Generative AI Website Builder & Business Tools




Launch an AI website for $1/month

B12 uses generative AI to instantly create your tailored website. It's the easiest way to launch an online presence that grows alongside you, with tools to attract leads, win clients, and receive payments. In one click, generate new content and layouts or regenerate existing ones to ensure they're perfect. Its suite of powerful AI tools, such as its AI website builder, AI text generation, invoicing, scheduling, and email marketing offers B12 users everything they need to grow and thrive. 


  • AI-powered website builder
  • AI Assist for quick generation of content
  • One-click website generation & updates
  • No-code AI
  • DIY editor and on-platform experts in copywriting and web design
  • Client engagement tools like client intake forms, email marketing, payments, eSignatures
  • Conversion tools
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Custom domain and secure web hosting


  1. What is B12?

B12 is the easiest AI website builder on the market, offering numerous solutions to help small businesses grow. Its generative AI-powered website builder can generate a professional site for users in just 60 seconds. Based on the user’s business description, B12 creates a site that matches their industry specifications, complete with the business’s branding. Its AI Assist allows users to generate content 40x faster, which comes in handy for streamlining content creation efforts. With its No-code AI, even users without technical knowledge can automate various tasks, such as drafting contracts or outreach emails, for business efficiency.

  1. How does B12 work?

B12 automatically creates a website for users based on inputs like their business description and industry. The B12 software comes with built-in client engagement tools like scheduling, invoicing, eSignatures, and email marketing to help users attract and win clients. 

To start using B12, users need to sign up and create an account on the B12 website. Users must answer a few simple questions, and the AI will generate their professional website draft in 60 seconds. This website comes complete with a theme, images, and SEO-optimized copy, which the user can further customize to make it their own. Once the user is satisfied, they can then publish the website and use it to grow their small business. 

  1. What are the benefits of using B12?

There are numerous benefits to using B12. Firstly, website generation is quick and painless, saving users’ time and effort when it comes to making a polished site. It also enables brand consistency. Users can easily create branded invoices, email templates, contracts, blogs, and others with B12. 

Another important advantage that B12 offers is that it offers the best of both worlds when it comes to DIY website building and hiring a website design agency. Aside from offering powerful site-building tools, B12 has an expert team of web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists to help users build a solid online presence. 

  1. Who can use B12?

The B12 website builder is great for anyone trying to make their best impression online, including small businesses and service providers. Accountants, lawyers, consultants, investment firms, architects, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, commercial real estate firms, insurance brokers, and coaches are all particularly well suited to use B12 and featured in the company's case studies.

  1. How much does B12 cost?

B12 runs on a freemium basis. There's a free plan that lets you launch the same day on a B12-branded domain with access to scheduling and custom forms. To access more premium features and switch to a custom domain, users can sign up for the Basic plan ($49 per month), Professional plan ($199 per month), or Advanced plan ($399 per month). 

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B12 Email Marketing Plugin powered by OpenAI - Automated Email Creation

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