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Afforai - AI Chatbot and Research Assistant
Afforai - AI Chatbot and Research Assistant




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Maximize productivity by taking advantage of Afforai, a chatbot and research assistant in one platform. Afforai has many functions, including being able to summarize, search, and translate information. 


  • Summarize findings
  • Compare documents
  • Search for answers
  • Multi-language support


  1. What kinds of tasks can Afforai handle?

Afforai is an AI research assistant and chatbot that can handle various tasks, from summarizing files and translating from one language to another to answering queries. 

  1. What document formats does Afforai support?

Afforai supports various formats. It can extract information from PDFs, URLs, and EPUBS. Aside from these, other formats it supports include PPTX, DOCX, your own text, any link, and websites. 

  1. Can Afforai translate research materials?

Definitely! Afforai features multi-language support, which means it can translate research materials. This AI chatbot supports over 100 languages and also features cross-language querying. 

  1. Who is Afforai best suited for?

Afforai is suitable for users who face a large bulk of files and documents that they need to sort through. With Afforai’s assistance, they can seamlessly analyze documents at a much faster rate compared to manual analysis. 

  1. How much does Afforai cost?

New users of Afforai can leverage the tool at no cost. By signing up, they get access to 50 credits, which they can use to make queries, ask the tool questions about their documents, and more. After they’ve used up the 50 credits, users can opt to subscribe to Afforai’s paid subscriptions:

  • Pay as you go: $1.90 per purchase
  • Lite: $4.90 per month
  • Plus: $19 per month
  • Pro: $49 per month

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