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AI Voice Generator - for Easy Text to Speech
AI Voice Generator - for Easy Text to Speech




Audio Generation
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Easily convert written text into human-like speech with the AI Voice Generator. This custom GPT transforms user inputs and enables customization filters so users can tweak tone, voice type, and speed. 


  • Developed by OpenAI
  • Natural-sounding audio
  • Useful for content creators and educators
  • Straightforward to use


  1. How does AI Voice Generator work?

The AI Voice Generator works by transforming written text into natural-sounding audio. Users only need to enter their prompts and the custom GPT will automatically produce the recording based on their requirements. 

  1. What are the benefits of using AI Voice Generator?

AI Voice Generator is helpful for a number of reasons:

  • Streamlined audio production: Handy for content creators, AI Voice Generator enables faster production of content using engaging audio. 
  • Saves time and resources: AI Voice Generator helps scale content creation efforts and is cost-effective. 
  • Voice customization. The custom GPT features various voice customization settings, such as tone, voice type, and speed settings. 
  1. What are the potential applications of AI Voice Generator?

One use case for AI Voice Generator is for content creation. With this custom GPT, content creators don’t have to worry about recording minutes or hours worth of audio that they’ll include in their videos or posts. This custom GPT is also beneficial in an educational setting and can make learning more immersive. 

  1. Is AI Voice Generator easy to use?

Absolutely! To use the AI Voice Generator plugin, users only have to input their prompts and the custom GPT will produce the output within seconds. Unlike using traditional recording software and voice editing software, AI Voice Generator doesn’t have a learning curve. 

  1. Can I customize the voice output of AI Voice Generator?

Yes! This custom GPT offers settings that you can tweak so you can refine the voice output to your liking. You can modify the speed of the audio. Additionally, you can change the tone to your preferences, as well as the voice type. 

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