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Appy Pie - No-Code App Builder Platform
Appy Pie - No-Code App Builder Platform




Launch an AI website for $1/month

Appy Pie is an AI-powered platform for building apps and websites catering even to users without coding experience. This app development platform is trusted by 10 million businesses. It democratizes web and app development, featuring a drag-and-drop functionality, seamless integrations, and a suite of AI tools, such as a text to image generator, photo enhancer, text to logo generator, and an NFT generator. 


  • App and website development
  • Workflow automation
  • Design tools
  • Business process automation (e.g., chatbot builder and live chat software)
  • Multi-language support
  • Seamless integrations


  1. Is Appy Pie free?

Appy Pie offers some of its tools for free, such as its AI poster maker, certificate maker, flyer maker, brochure maker, presentation maker, and ID card maker, among many others. When it comes to its app building platform, it offers four paid plans. 

The Basic plan ($16/app/month) gives users access to Android app development, unlimited bandwidth, hosting, and app editing, app analytics, and email support. With the Gold plan ($36/app/month), users get access to premium features (eCommerce, news, quiz/poll, room reservation, survey, etc.), support for first-time app submission, and email & chat support. 

The Platinum plan ($60/app/month) offers both Android and iPhone app development, premium features, support for first-time app submission, and email, chat, and call support. For enterprise-grade tools and security, the Enterprise plan (custom pricing) comes with a dedicated account manager, data security officer, Active Directory/SSO, and HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance. 

  1. What is Appy Pie used for?

Appy Pie is a suite of powerful AI solutions that users can leverage to build apps or websites even if they don’t have the technical expertise. This no-code app builder is flexible and can be used by individuals or businesses to accelerate their products’ time to market.

  1. What can you make with Appy Pie?

Appy Pie is a handy platform that lets users create anything from apps and websites to design outputs and chatbots. 

  1. Can I sell an app I made on Appy Pie?

Yes! Selling an app that you made on Appy Pie is possible by joining the platform’s Mobile App Reseller Program. Through this program, the Appy Pie team sets up the platform so that users can easily build apps and sell them under their brand.

  1. What is Appy Pie chatbot?

Powered by GPT-3, the Appy Pie chatbot builder is an easy-to-use platform for creating chatbots. With this chatbot, you can boost your customer service efforts and better serve your clients. 

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