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BlitzBear - Your SEO Assistant for Outranking Competitors
BlitzBear - Your SEO Assistant for Outranking Competitors




Launch an AI website for $1/month

With BlitzBear, you get an SEO assistant that helps you outrank competitors by providing an analysis of your pages, recommendations on which improvements to make, and automatic SEO-optimized pages. 


  • Recommendations on how to improve pages
  • Analysis of top SERP results
  • No need for CMS, copying and pasting, or downloading extensions


  1. How can BlitzBear help my website rank higher?

BlitzBear helps your website rank higher by providing AI-powered recommendations on improving the quality of your content. 

  1. What features does BlitzBear offer?

BlitzBear has many features for SEO optimization, such as blog post optimization, lightning mode for instantly applying SEO-optimized changes, client/team access, monthly edit requests, and email support. 

  1. How much does BlitzBear cost?

BlitzBear offers both free and paid plans. For the paid plan, users will have to contact BlitzBear’s team so they can get a custom quote. 

  1. Is BlitzBear easy to use even if I’m not an SEO expert?

Yes! The great thing about BlitzBear is that it automates the process of optimizing your content for search engines and users. 

  1. Can BlitzBear automatically optimize my content?

Definitely! BlitzBear automatically provides AI-powered recommendations depending on its analysis of your webpages. 

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