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Butternut AI - Website Builder Complete with Text and Visuals
Butternut AI - Website Builder Complete with Text and Visuals




Launch an AI website for $1/month

Butternut AI is a website builder that enables users to create stunning websites. With AI doing all the heavy lifting in terms of website building, Butternut AI is user-friendly and doesn’t require any type of coding. Within seconds, users can generate a fully functional site. 


  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Easy to use, takes 3 steps to complete a website
  • Website customization
  • No coding needed


  1. Is Butternut AI free?

Yes, Butternut AI provides a free plan, which users can take advantage of. With this free plan, they can access an unlimited number of website generations, as well as customization options for their website. 

Users who want to unlock more features can either subscribe to Butternut AI’s Premium ($20 per month) or Enterprise (custom quote) plans. The Premium plan offers unlimited website editing, link to a custom domain, hosting (100GB), SSL, SEO support, and priority customer support. With the Enterprise plan, users can access custom integrations, a tailored website, hosting (500GB), custom site features, premium SEO, and even a dedicated account manager. 

  1. How do you use Butternut AI?

Using Butternut AI is pretty straightforward. It only takes 3 steps for users to create and launch their site using this AI website builder. The first step that users have to do is enter their business name. Next, they need to submit words associated with their business. Finally, Butternut AI generates the user’s website draft. 

  1. What kinds of websites can I create with Butternut AI?

With Butternut AI, users can create fully functional websites in seconds. This makes this AI website builder a perfect tool for those who want an easy and quick way to build and launch their sites. In particular, eCommerce sellers and those who want to publish their portfolios online can find Butternut AI beneficial. 

  1. Does Butternut AI have SEO tools?

Yes! Butternut AI comes with built-in SEO optimization so that the content in a user’s website, whether it’s text or visuals, helps them rank higher in search results. With a higher ranking, users can gain more visibility and potentially more customers. 

  1. What are the alternatives to Butternut AI?

On the market, there are other website builders that serve as a great alternative to Butternut AI. Wix is one of them. Similar to Butternut AI, Wix offers SEO tools. These capabilities are more advanced, with features like Google Search Console integration and allowing users to create their own SEO logic. B12 is another option, an AI website builder that also offers a user-friendly interface. B12 prepares users’ websites complete with client-ready content and industry-specific images. It also has a convenient website editor, so users can customize their site for more brand consistency. 

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