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Carrd - Create Simple Yet Fully Responsive Pages
Carrd - Create Simple Yet Fully Responsive Pages




Launch an AI website for $1/month

Carrd leverages the power of AI to help users create one-page sites for any purpose, whether they’re showcasing their portfolios, building a landing page, or launching a personal profile. Carrd is completely free to use.


  • Simple to use
  • Completely free
  • Fully responsive pages
  • Can be used for any purpose 
  • Dozens of templates


  1. What is the point of Carrd?

Carrd is an AI-powered one-page site builder that lets users create pages for essentially any purpose. With Carrd, even users without much design or coding experience can quickly launch a site to fit their needs.

  1. Is there a free version of Carrd?

Yes! In fact, using Carrd is free by default, which allows users to leverage the platform’s core features. These include the ability to create and customize websites using the platform’s dozens of templates. 

  1. How many websites can you make with Carrd?

Per account, users can create up to three websites using Carrd for free. This makes it handy for users who want separate landing pages or portfolios, for instance. 

  1. Can you use Carrd for business?

Definitely! Creating a business page with Carrd is convenient since the platform features an intuitive interface and dozens of templates to help users get started on their website-building journey. 

  1. Is Carrd or Wix better?

This would depend entirely on a user’s needs. For users who just want a simple and quick way to launch a page or site, then Carrd is a suitable option. Meanwhile, for users who want to access more advanced tools and templates, Wix provides a great alternative. 

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