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ChatNBX - Free Chat Platform for Your Generative AI Needs
ChatNBX - Free Chat Platform for Your Generative AI Needs




Launch an AI website for $1/month

ChatNBX takes generative AI to the next level by combining various tools in just one single platform. With ChatNBX, users can get answers, write code, brainstorm ideas, learn, and generate text and images to meet their various needs. 


  • Various AI tools in one platform
  • Enables users to get live updates (e.g., news and weather updates)
  • Customizable settings to get responses tailored to the user’s requirements
  • Powered by open source models


  1. What can ChatNBX actually do?

ChatNBX can perform a variety of tasks, such as help users generate images, write code, brainstorm ideas, learn more about a particular topic, generate content, and answer questions that a user may have. ChatNBX combines these functionalities in one platform, giving users more convenience. 

  1. What AI language models does ChatNBX use?

ChatNBX is powered by open source language models. These include Llama 2 70B (which is ideal for large-scale tasks), OpenHermes 2 (a language model fine-tuned not just for executing tasks but also for understanding nuances), and nous hermes 13b (versatile model for quality content generation). 

  1. Is ChatNBX free to use?

Absolutely! ChatNBX offers a free version, which features limited models, chats, conversations, image generation, and API calls each month. 

For users who want to maximize ChatNBX’s capabilities through its unlimited features, they can subscribe to its Plus plan for $20 per month. 

  1. Does ChatNBX have any limitations?

ChatNBX, while powerful and beneficial, also has its drawbacks. One is that it only offers limited customization for its free plan. In terms of features, it might also benefit from having more advanced features, like sentiment analysis and tailored recommendations. 

  1. Is ChatNBX better than ChatGPT?

ChatNBX, because of all its tools and capabilities, is a suitable ChatGPT alternative. While ChatGPT is better than ChatNBX in some aspects, specifically in terms of sophistication and handling complex topics, it does offer versatility and different LLMs for users to choose from. Another standout perk is that it offers access to GPT-4 for free. 

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