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Consensus - AI Research Assistant
Consensus - AI Research Assistant




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Consensus is an AI research assistant tool that gives users access to a vast library of 200 million academic papers. With Consensus, users can collect the answers and data they need, as well as draft content complete with accurate citations. 


  • Can search around 200 million academic articles
  • Science-backed answers and insights
  • Content creation complete with accurate citations
  • Personal research assistant 


  1. What specific tasks can Consensus help me with?

In essence, Consensus serves as an AI personal research assistant. So it helps users handle various research-related tasks, such as searching for research articles across a vast database of 200 million papers, getting science-backed answers, and drafting their research paper with accurate citations. 

  1. What limitations does Consensus have?

While Consensus is a powerful custom GPT that can help users tackle their research questions and tasks, there are some capabilities that the tool doesn’t offer. For instance, it may not be able to cover research articles that are just recently published since these papers take some time to be indexed. 

  1. How comprehensive is the database of academic papers that Consensus draws from?

Consensus boasts the ability to scan and search from a database of approximately 200 million academic articles. This comprehensive database provides users with a wealth of knowledge and information that they can draw insights from for their various projects, assignments, or other use cases. 

  1. How do I get started using Consensus?

To get started using Consensus, you first need to be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. This monthly subscription costs $20 per month. After subscribing, you’ll be able to access GPT-4 and the OpenAI’s GPT Store. Once you’ve installed the plugin, simply ask Consensus a question or input your prompt to make it perform a research task.  

  1. Can I specify which sources I want Consensus to consult for my research?

Yes! With Consensus, you’ll be able to specify the sources you want and even discover the exact articles you’re looking for without needing to use keyword matches. You can also add filters for even more accuracy and to get the results closest to your requirements. 

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