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Craiyon - for Easy AI Art Generator
Craiyon - for Easy AI Art Generator




Image Generation
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Craiyon is an AI art generator that users can access for free. Formerly known as the DallE-mini, this AI tool works like the DALL-E 2 tool in that users can create stunning images using text inputs. With Craiyon, users can generate up to 9 images per minute. Using this AI art generator is very easy, thanks to its intuitive interface. 


  • Offers options, such as art, drawing, and photo
  • Negative words feature, where users can exclude certain keywords they don’t want to appear in the output
  • 9 images at a time per minute
  • Upscale option for more high-quality images
  • Prompt prediction


  1. What is Craiyon used for?

Craiyon is used for generating creative images quickly. In just a minute, this AI art generator can create 9 images at a time, giving users more options to choose from. It encourages highly creative text prompts, making the tool handy for those who want to explore the possibilities of AI art generation. 

  1. Can I use images from Craiyon?

Definitely! Users must abide to Craiyon’s terms of use to be able to use the generated images for various purposes. Users can leverage them for commercial, academic, and personal purposes. For free subscribers, it’s recommended that they credit the tool for the images they use. 

  1. How do you get good results from Craiyon?

As with any AI image generator, the quality of the text inputs that users enter is highly essential. The more specific and the more relevant users’ keywords are, the more likely that they will get the results they want. It helps to include relevant descriptions, the specific art style the user is going for, as well as other appropriate verbs and adjectives. 

  1. Is DALL-E and Craiyon the same?

DALL-E and Craiyon are similar in that they’re both art/image generators powered by AI. However, DALL-E and Craiyon are two different tools. Previously, Craiyon was named the DALL-E mini, which made some users confuse the two for being the same tool. Craiyon made its rebrand after OpenAI requested the name change.   

  1. Does Craiyon have a limit?

Craiyon allows users to generate up to 9 images at a time per minute. It currently doesn’t have a set limit on the amount of images that a user can generate for a day. Depending on server traffic, it may take awhile for users to generate their images. Craiyon offers paid tiers to offset these problems, with the premium plans allowing for faster image generation. 

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