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DallE-2 - Unleash Your Creativity Through Photorealistic Images
DallE-2 - Unleash Your Creativity Through Photorealistic Images




Image Generation
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DallE-2 is an AI system developed by OpenAI that pushes the boundaries of image generation. Powered by machine learning algorithms and deep learning, DallE-2 turns users’ inputs into photorealistic images. It can integrate different concepts, attributes, and art styles to give you outputs that are not only realistic and accurate but also incredibly creative. With this AI tool, you can generate photorealistic images, create outputs with a particular art style, edit existing images, and more. 


  • Produces original photorealistic images using natural language
  • Combines various art styles, attributes, and concepts
  • Outpainting that can expand images beyond its original borders 
  • Inpainting to seamlessly add and blend new elements into existing images
  • Variations feature that creates different images inspired by an original image


  1. Is DallE-2 available to the public?

Yes! DallE-2 became available to the public on September 2, 2022. Before this time period, there was a waitlist that you had to be put on, but now the tool is available to be accessed by the public. Anyone can use the AI image generator to produce images that showcase their creativity. 

  1. How much does DallE-2 cost?

For $15, you can purchase 115 credits and use DallE-2. A text prompt costs one credit. For every text prompt, the tool also generates four images for you to choose from. If you’ve used up your credits, you can simply buy more. 

  1. Is DallE-2 owned by Elon Musk?

No. The owner of DallE-2 is OpenAI. Musk resigned from OpenAI’s board back in 2018. 

  1. Is DallE-2 no longer free?

DallE-2 used to be free to the public. Currently, you have to purchase credits to be able to use the software and generate images. 

  1. Can I use DallE-2 on Android?

Yes, you can access DallE-2 on mobile devices. Note, however, that you need to use its web interface to generate images using the software. The good thing is that OpenAI’s software is compatible with most modern browsers. 

  1. What is not allowed on DallE-2?

OpenAI has a specific set of restrictions that users must abide when using DallE-2. For instance, users must not create or share images that could cause harm. These include images that suggest deception, illegal activity, and spam, among others. 

  1. How many times can I use DallE-2?

As long as you have enough credits, you’ll be able to use DallE-2 as many times as you want. Each credit purchased gives you the ability to generate four image variations. 

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