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Docs GPT - Chat with Your Documents for Easy Data Collection
Docs GPT - Chat with Your Documents for Easy Data Collection




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Docs GPT is a custom GPT that lets users “chat” with their documents for better data collection and insight gathering. Through this custom GPT, users can chat with Google Docs, Sharepoint, Confluence, Notion, and more. 


  • Seamless chatting with documents and various platforms
  • Personal documents assistant
  • Fully private conversations
  • Supports more than 80 languages


  1. What kinds of documents can Docs GPT process?

Users can leverage Docs GPT to process and chat with documents of various types. Some of the document formats include PDFs, as well as apps like Google Docs, Sharepoint, Confluence, and Notion. Docs GPT offers seamless integrations with these apps to streamline data collection. 

  1. What different ways can I use Docs GPT to interact with my documents?

With the Docs GPT, users can ask it about any questions they may have about the document and its contents. In turn, Docs GPT will provide answers and insights gleaned from scanning the documents. This custom GPT essentially serves as a helpdesk and can summarize and provide more context about a document’s contents. 

  1. How does Docs GPT handle privacy and security concerns?

Docs GPT is designed to be private and handle fully private conversations securely. According to the team behind it,, only the GPT knows about your conversations with the tool. It implements data encryption and stores data in a SOC2 app. 

  1. Is Docs GPT easy to use?

Definitely! Docs GPT is fairly straightforward to use. Users must make sure to properly install and enable the plugin via OpenAI’s GPT Store. Once that’s done, they can simply link their documents and go straight to asking the custom GPT any questions about their docs. 

  1. How much does it cost to use Docs GPT?

To access Docs GPT’s features, a user must be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. By subscribing to this paid plan for $20 a month, users get benefits like faster performance, enterprise-grade security, and more. 

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