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Flowbite GPT - Generate Websites Via Flowbite’s UI components
Flowbite GPT - Generate Websites Via Flowbite’s UI components




Launch an AI website for $1/month

The Flowbite GPT provides an easy way for users to generate stunning websites via user interface components from Flowbite (which is based on Tailwind CSS). Designers and developers can benefit from this custom GPT, resulting in a more streamlined process in terms of web development.


  • Best for developers and designers
  • Access to Flowbite’s component library
  • Tailwind CSS framework


  1. Is the Flowbite GPT free to use?

Flowbite GPT can be accessed through the ChatGPT Store, which means users need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 a month to enjoy Flowbite GPT’s features. 

  1. What does the Flowbite GPT do?

Flowbite GPT is a custom GPT that helps users create stunning websites—all from the ChatGPT platform. 

  1. What are the benefits of using the Flowbite GPT?

There are several benefits of using the Flowbite GPT, including:

  • Streamlined web development process: Flowbite GPT gives users access to tools like Dalle and Python 
  • Access to Flowbite’s UI components: Users can access Flowbite’s expansive component library
  • Effortless code generation: Flowbite will produce the HTML and Tailwind CSS codes you need, which you can further customize 
  1. What kinds of websites can I build with Flowbite GPT?

With the Flowbite GPT, users can easily create any type of website. Whether a user wants to create professional landing pages, portfolios, or a simple website, they can use Flowbite GPT to streamline the process. 

  1. Do I need to know Tailwind CSS to use Flowbite GPT?

Having a basic understanding of the Tailwind CSS framework is certainly helpful since the GPT will generate HTML and Tailwind CSS codes. 

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