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Flowpoint - Leverage Web Analytics for Business Improvement
Flowpoint - Leverage Web Analytics for Business Improvement




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Flowpoint is a powerful AI tool that gives users the analytics they need to grow and improve various areas of their business. With Flowpoint, users can have actionable insights at their fingertips so they can boost conversions and their bottom line. Flowpoint makes it easy to track where a website’s visitors are coming from and where they spend the majority of their time on a site. It automatically captures user behaviors, such as clicks, scrolls, and other mouse movements. With this tool, users can instantly have an overview of their website’s unique strengths and weaknesses.


  • Actionable insights
  • AI-powered recommendations for business improvement
  • Insights into SEO, user engagement, content, UX/UI, and more
  • Bird’s eye view of visitor traffic
  • Data sampling and validation 
  • Privacy compliance and quality assurance
  • Checks for data redundancy and accuracy


  1. What is Flowpoint?

Flowpoint is an AI analytics tool that makes it easy for website owners to identify issues within their websites and analyze the pain points of their visitors. 

  1. How does Flowpoint identify website issues?

Flowpoint automatically captures user events to identify website issues. For instance, it can track the areas that users most typically click on, scroll, and spend most of their time on a website. 

  1. What types of recommendations does Flowpoint offer?

Flowpoint offers actionable insights and recommendations so businesses can enhance their conversions and boost their ROI. For instance, if it analyzes your website as having slow speeds, it will provide recommendations to solve that issue. 

  1. Is it easy to set up and get started with Flowpoint? 

Yes! Flowpoint has a straightforward user interface, making it advantageous for website owners with limited to no technical knowledge. It also only requires a 5-minute installation, after which users can already get started tracking various metrics on their website. 

  1. What are the different pricing plans offered by Flowpoint?

Flowpoint offers two paid plans: Starter and Pro. The Starter plan costs $49 per month, featuring behavior analysis, issue detection and prioritization, A/B testing, technical recommendations, and more. Meanwhile, the Pro plan costs $208 per month, with features such as custom events, recommendations for UX/UI and content issues, issue event explorer, cross-domain funnels, and marketing campaign tracker. Flowpoint also has a special Scale plan (custom pricing). This plan features bot detection, cohort analysis, priority support, and customer segmentation.

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