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Framer AI - Publish Your Next Website Within Seconds
Framer AI - Publish Your Next Website Within Seconds




Launch an AI website for $1/month

Framer AI is a handy AI tool for building and deploying websites in seconds. Using text inputs, users can easily deploy web pages that best suit their business, generate font combinations that work, create and use color palettes that match their style, and more. Framer AI has an easy-to-use interface and features a shuffle tool that users can leverage to find the perfect mix of fonts, themes, and colors to suit their preferences. 


  • Responsive design and layout
  • Localization–ships worldwide
  • CMS integration for scaling content creation efforts
  • HD animations
  • SEO 
  • Quick creation of navigation pages
  • Easy management


  1. Is Framer AI free to use?

Framer AI works on a freemium model, meaning it offers both free and paid plans. The free plan is ideal for users looking to generate hobby sites; this plan gives users access to a Framer domain and banner. For users looking for more premium options, Framer offers four paid tiers. 

The Mini plan costs $5 per site per month. Best for generating simple sites, this plan gives users access to a custom domain. The Basic plan ($15 per site per month) is great for generating personal sites. It comes with a password protect feature, ability to generate 150 pages, and 1 CMS collection. Pro ($30 per site per month) is suitable for larger sites, giving users access to unlimited pages, analytics and cookies, 10 CMS collections, and more. Finally, enterprises looking for custom hosting and uptime guarantee can get the Custom plan. 

  1. What does Framer AI do?

Framer AI enables users to generate their very own website in just seconds by leveraging the power of AI and user inputs. Framer provides stunning designs and dynamic layouts while offering powerful tools to assist users in the design process.  

  1. Why should I use Framer?

Framer is a handy tool to leverage, especially for users looking for a quick method to generate and launch websites, whether it’s for their personal or business user. Users without technical know-how can greatly benefit from using Framer, as the platform provides accessible tools to empower users when it comes to website creation. 

  1. Is Framer easy to use?

Yes! Framer is indeed easy to use. Besides boasting an intuitive user interface, there are plenty of tutorial videos that users can watch so they can have a step-by-step guide on how to properly use the platform's tools and features. 

  1. Can you design in Framer?

Absolutely. Framer features a freeform canvas that aids users in freely expressing their creative ideas and transforming those ideas into reality. The tool is flexible, allowing users to design their website in any way they want. 

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