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Glasp - Social Web Highlighter with AI Summarizer
Glasp - Social Web Highlighter with AI Summarizer




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Glasp calls itself a social web highlighter, which allows users to highlight and save notes from web pages. It’s convenient for collecting information on various websites and can be downloaded as either a Chrome or Safari extension. 


  • User-friendly tool for highlighting and collecting notes
  • Works even with YouTube videos, Kindle, and PDFs
  • 1-click convenience
  • Effortless exporting
  • Quoteshots for easy sharing on Twitter


  1. What is Glasp?

Glasp is a tool for highlighting and collecting notes from any webpage. This nifty tool has a ton of features that streamlines users’ note-taking and collecting process. Its AI-powered summarizer automatically creates a summary of users’ collection of notes. 

  1. Is Glasp extension free?

Absolutely! Users can use the Glasp extension at no cost at all. Users would only have to download the extension, whether in Safari or Chrome, and they can start using the app. 

  1. How does Glasp work?

Glasp works as a highlighter tool. When you’re reading information from the web, YouTube videos, PDFs, or your Kindle, Glasp gives you the ability to highlight whatever sentence or section you want. 

  1. How do I use Glasp in Chrome?

To start using Glasp in Chrome, users simply need to download the extension. Once it’s properly installed, users can highlight text from a website and the controls for Glasp would automatically appear. 

  1. Does Glasp work on PDFs?

Definitely. Glasp works on various sources, and PDFs are included. Aside from web pages and PDFs, you can also use Glasp while using Kindle and watching YouTube videos.

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