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Hoppy Copy - Generate Email Marketing Copy Effortlessly
Hoppy Copy - Generate Email Marketing Copy Effortlessly




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Hoppy Copy is email marketers’ gateway to crafting better email campaigns. Aside from providing high-quality copy, this AI email marketing tool also streamlines your email creation by 10x. Featuring more than 50 email templates, Hoppy Copy lets you craft emails of any type, from holiday newsletters to drip sequences and more. It generates high-converting copy and engaging images to help you send an email that hooks your audiences. 


  • AI copywriter and copy editor
  • AI image and newsletter creator
  • AI chat
  • Sequence planner and competitor monitoring
  • Spam checker and content converter


  1. What types of content can Hoppy Copy generate?

Hoppy Copy can easily generate copy for various types of email content, whether you need content for your holiday newsletters, drip sequences, monthly newsletters, outreach emails, lead nurturing campaigns, product launch emails, promotional emails, and more. If you need content for email, you can be sure that Hoppy Copy can help you generate the perfect message. 

  1. How does Hoppy Copy compare to other AI copywriting tools like Jarvis?

Hoppy Copy is different from other AI copywriting tools in that its primary focus is email marketing copy. It’s specifically geared toward email marketers or business owners who may not have the time necessary to craft the perfect email copy. With Hoppy Copy, you can meet your email marketing needs effortlessly. Jarvis, on the other hand, is more suitable for general writing needs. 

  1. Is there a free trial or demo available?

Hoppy Copy offers a 7-day free trial, where users can try out its suite of features, such as its tools for writing and content, monitoring, organization and collaboration, and support. For users who want to continue using the software, Hoppy Copy offers three pricing options. Entrepreneurs and content creators can subscribe to the Starter plan for $23 per month, which lets them generate up to 20,000 words monthly and monitor 10 competitors. The Pro plan ($39 per month) is perfect for small teams, as it gives access to 3 users. Pro subscribers can generate up to 100K words monthly and monitor 25 competitors. The Pro+ plan ($79 per month) is suitable for growing teams (up to 5 users). This plan lets users generate up to 300K words monthly and monitor 50 competitors. 

  1. How does Hoppy Copy work?

Hoppy Copy’s AI wizard instantly generates email copy. A user only has to add information, such as the description of what the email is about, tone, and target audience. Hoppy Copy will then generate numerous options for the user to choose from.

  1. Is Hoppy Copy user-friendly?

Definitely! Hoppy Copy is highly user-friendly and can be used by anyone, no matter their technical level. Its interface only requires users to input their text descriptions so the tool can generate custom email copy.

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