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IngestAI - Build Sophisticated Business Apps
IngestAI - Build Sophisticated Business Apps




Launch an AI website for $1/month

IngestAI is an AI-powered no-code tool that enables businesses to create apps that allow them to streamline their operations. With this tool, users can leverage generative AI to build applications, chatbots, and workflow automation systems in just minutes.


  • Powered by generative AI and large language models
  • More efficient time-to-market
  • Scalable and offers pre-built AI tools
  • More than 100 AI models


  1. Does Monica use ChatGPT?

Yes. This AI personal assistant leverages the ChatGPT API to understand and respond to users’ chats and commands. With Monica, users can use GPT-4 to generate something, ask questions, and more. Aside from ChatGPT, Monica is also equipped with other advanced AI models like Bard and Claude.

  1. What is Monica?

Monica is an all-in-one AI personal assistant that can help users with various tasks. Whether you need tools for generating and editing images, converting PDF files, checking resumes, summarizing web articles, or tools for productivity, Monica has you covered. 

  1. How do I use Monica on Chrome?

Monica offers a Chrome extension which users can download and install. Once the extension is properly installed, users can press command + M, users can already access Monica and chat with it so it can assist them for various use cases. 

  1. How much does Monica cost?

Monica has free and paid plans. For the paid plans, there’s the Monica Pro ($8.3/month), Monica Pro+ ($16.6/month), and Unlimited ($24.9/month). Users who opt for the free plan will have a daily limit in terms of usage.

Subscribers to the Monica Pro plan can access 5,000 queries, 200 images, a reading and writing assistant, and real-time access to the web. Monica Pro subscribers get 10,000 queries and 400 images. Meanwhile, subscribers to the Unlimited plan can enjoy unlimited queries and 600 images.

  1. What can Monica do?

Monica can help users tackle various tasks, such as generating content, translating languages, rephrasing, and explaining any text. Subscribers of the more premium plans also get access to an AI writing and reading assistant. 

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