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MarketingBlocks AI - All-in-One Assistant for Your Marketing Needs
MarketingBlocks AI - All-in-One Assistant for Your Marketing Needs




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Need help with marketing tasks? Look no further than MarketingBlocks AI. This handy marketing AI assistant can handle all marketing tasks, from writing sales copy to creating promo videos and producing landing pages. MarketingBlocks is up to the task for every marketing challenge that businesses face. It offers a wide range of tools: AI page builder, AI voice cloning, and more.


  • Page builder for creating stunning landing pages
  • Video creator for producing promotional videos
  • Designer for generating banners that convert
  • Spokesvideo for producing engaging AI videos
  • Brand kit for instantly designing your branding collaterals
  • AI Writer for generating the perfect copy
  • Voiceovers and transcriber
  • Text to art and image eraser
  • AI chat and customized chatbots


  1. What is MarketingBlocks AI?

MarketingBlocks AI is a handy solution for businesses that want to streamline their marketing tasks. This tool is perfect for generating marketing copy and videos, designing a brand kit, and producing other marketing materials. 

  1. How does MarketingBlocks AI work?

MarketingBlocks AI enables users to produce the materials they need for their campaigns. It leverages user’s inputs to determine the best possible tone, colors, fonts, and more that suit their business needs. Once an output is generated, users can further tweak it by providing text descriptions. 

  1. What are the benefits of using MarketingBlocks AI?

One of the best benefits of using MarketingBlocks AI is that it increases business efficiency and productivity. Business owners won’t have to waste precious time on coming up with the perfect copy or design elements and instead focus their time on other urgent business concerns. 

  1. Is MarketingBlocks AI right for my business?

MarketingBlocks AI is right for your business if you want to automate your marketing operations. The tool speeds up the task at hand, helping users streamline their workflows. Plus, MarketingBlocks AI covers numerous marketing tasks that any business owner will find handy. From startups to enterprises, any business can find the tool beneficial. 

  1. How much does MarketingBlocks AI cost?

MarketingBlocks AI has three paid tiers. The Pro plan ($37) is suitable for startups, featuring 20 AI tools and chat, 10 videos, 100 pages, and 5 custom bots. The Booster plan ($41) is suitable for small businesses, offering unlimited projects, 20 videos, unlimited pages, 10 custom bots, and even VIP coaching. With the Enterprise plan ($83), subscribers get access to 5,000 arts, 50 videos, unlimited clients, VIP coaching, and 20 custom bots. 

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