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MarsX - Innovative AI Dev Tool
MarsX - Innovative AI Dev Tool




Web Apps
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MarsX is an AI devtool that aids web developers in developing mobile and web applications. It brings together code, no-code, and AI to help users build customized apps for their own use cases. The Mars engine is open-source and free on GitHub. Mars users can build code on top of existing micro-apps, which reduces the amount of code that they need to write by as much as 90%. 


  • Micro AppStore library, where developers can build social networks, no-code builders, photo-sharing apps, and more
  • Open-source and free on GitHub
  • Doesn’t come with a vendor lock
  • Supports features of GDPR
  • Engine is easy to modify to suit users’ needs
  • All-in-one platform equipped with full-stack IDE


  1. What is MarsX?

MarsX leverages the power of AI to help users build mobile and web applications using code and no-code technology. MarsX is highly accessible, allowing even non-developers and those with zero building and coding experience to create their own mobile and web apps using Mars’ Micro AppStore. 

  1. How does MarsX work?

MarsX works by bringing together AI, code, and no-code technologies to assist users in creating mobile and web apps. Its Micro AppStore lets users build on top of existing micro-apps to streamline the process of app development. With Mars, users can build their own customized micro apps, such as social networks, NFT marketplaces, no-code builders, peer-to-peer marketplaces, photo-sharing and video-streaming apps, and more. 

  1. What are the benefits of using Mars?

One of the biggest perks that MarsX offers users is that it allows them to use the platform even if they don’t have any prior coding or building experience. This makes the platform accessible and empowers users to create apps customized to their needs. Another advantage of using MarsX is that it significantly streamlines the process of app development. With this tool, users won’t have to write lines and lines of code or wait for nearly a year to finish developing an app. MarsX cuts down the amount of code that users need to write by 90%. 

  1. How much does MarsX cost?

The Mars engine itself is free to use and is open-source on GitHub. However, users need to bear in mind that the micro-apps are built by third-party developers. This means that they may have free or premium pricing models. 

  1. Is MarsX secure?

.MarsX is built with the highest standards of security in mind. Audit trials were conducted to test the platform’s security. When it comes to data ownership, the platform says that the data is “owned by the project.”

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