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PaperBrain - for Exploring and Understanding Research Papers
PaperBrain - for Exploring and Understanding Research Papers




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PaperBrain is a free AI tool that allows users to explore and understand research papers better. It lets users search for a topic and it will show results relevant to their search. It gathers and collects research articles from different sources on the web. The AI tool is highly intuitive to use, making it accessible even to users with limited to no technical knowledge.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives previews of research articles so users can determine their relevance
  • Provides direct access to the PDF of the research article
  • Built-in GPT assistant that answers users’ questions and helps with citation
  • Convenient upload option
  • Analysis results and insights into the selected research article


  1. What is PaperBrain?

PaperBrain is a handy AI research tool that helps users manage their research articles so they can understand it better. It allows users to search for any articles on a given topic or keywords. It aims to help improve the accessibility of research articles. 

  1. How does PaperBrain work?

Individuals need to sign up to PaperBrain first before they can access it. Once they’ve created an account, they can search for articles within the platform and select the papers that are most relevant to their research. Alternatively, users can upload their own research articles. The tool has a built-in GPT assistant that can answer questions about the document, enabling users to understand the paper better.

  1. Is PaperBrain free?

Yes! PaperBrain’s free plan allows users to view or upload 10 papers per day and have limited conversations with the tool. For users who want to view or upload more papers, they can subscribe to the Pro plan for $20. This plan enables them to view and upload 50 papers per day. Meanwhile, having a Braineer account ($39) provides users with 100 credits, faster paper viewing, and unlimited conversations with the tool. 

  1. What are the benefits of using PaperBrain?

With PaperBrain, users can be more efficient when it comes to analyzing research papers. This is particularly handy for those who are facing a mountain of research articles that they need to analyze quickly. With PaperBrain’s built-in GPT assistant, researchers can get answers about the paper in less time.

  1. Can PaperBrain answer my questions about a research paper?

Yes! This is possible with PaperBrain’s GPT assistant. Whether the research paper comes from online databases or from your own folders, PaperBrain can help you better understand what the paper’s all about.

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