Why an effective slogan is so important for your business

A memorable slogan can help your business stand out from the competition. Try these tips to craft a catchy, effective slogan for your company.

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Why an effective slogan is so important for your business


Key quotes:

  • "So, you might be wondering at this point exactly what the differences are and which one you should be using for your particular business."
  • "In fact, even people who have worked in the marketing field for a long time can get them mixed up sometimes."
  • "Once you learn the differences between a tagline and a slogan, you can decide which one works for you."
  • "On the other hand, slogans are a reflection of your brand, your offerings, and the values that have driven you to run your business in a certain manner."
  • "The truth is that you will not be likely to change the values that have been a part of your business from its inception."
  • "Many business owners use taglines to effectively communicate with the people are likely to buy their products and/or services."
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Key quotes:

  • "Since the beginning of business, jingles and slogans have been highly important when it comes to company identity."
  • "A successful slogan can staple a company on the map — unfortunately, an unsuccessful slogan can offend and mislead customers, as well as entirely plunge a company."
  • "Many companies don’t take the time to understand what exactly should be said or done in a slogan."
  • "Meaning, a slogan needs to help the customer understand what the company or product is about, as well as stick out in the crowd of millions of company slogans."
  • "Slogans are not just a unique phrase, they are what the company stands for."
  • "A slogan should tell the customer exactly why a business operates, and what foundation the company was built on."
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Key quotes:

  • "The Ultimate Guide to Taglines and Slogans in Marketing In simple words, a ‘Tagline’ is a catch-word or a jingle endorsed by brands as their advertising slogan, which is easy to recall and preserves a long-lasting impression."
  • "The core purpose of a tagline is not confined to product branding only, though, a slogan essentially complements the business’s ethical significance and intensifies the meaning of your logo design."
  • "While, coming up with different ideas to compose a tagline, make sure to carefully contemplate these four essential attributes, which ultimately leads a business to the composition of an original and long-lasting motto."
  • "The usefulness of logos with taglines can be divided into two aspects that is the Logo of your company acts as your company’s visual representation, and the slogan is the communicator of your business message and objectives."
  • "A tagline is not a mandatory logo design element, but the inclusion of a well-composed slogan in your Logo can create an impactful effect on your potential customers and targeted audiences."
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Key quotes:

  • "In marketing your business, accurate words are just as important as visuals."
  • "You may think that writing a tagline for your business or a slogan for your campaign is easy, but it actually deserves thorough consideration and understanding of your vision, mission and values — which underscore your entire branding — and your consumers and target prospects."
  • "You have to make sure that the wording or phrase that you eventually choose as your overall messaging will be effective, and will actually help the market identify with and pick your company over others."
  • "Your slogan and tagline should also be able to communicate the spirit of your business and commitment to customers."
  • "Branding is about creating positive experiences, and the message you attach to your name should speak not only about your product but also your promise."
  • "The slogan not only effectively emphasizes a benefit of their product but also promises an experience that consumers, particularly chocolate enthusiasts, can expect and greatly appreciate."
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Transcript: In this specific video we're gonna be talking about how you can create memorable slogans for your company that stick in your customers minds so obviously you want to make it memorable but how do you make it memorable well what are the primary benefits what I want you to do is just right now think about this or take a pen and a paper or pencil paper out and just think what are your primary benefits think about two to three of the primary benefits of your company and just jot them down another thing you can also do is differentiate your brand in comparison with your competitors but before you can do this obviously you need to know who your competitors are and how their branding themselves what slogans that they're using and how do you differ from them and relate that to the benefits somehow you can do something that's related to customer satisfaction like customer support or something like that something that's great and solidify the brand by re-emphasizing the name in your logo you can also do stuff like rhyme and jingles and one thing you can do is these are just just ideas that... See more →

Key quotes:

  • "Used together, the tagline and slogan phrases are powerful brand differentiators."
  • "Now, if you wish to get yourself familiar with the components of a successful tagline, or slogan if you prefer, here is what you need to bear in mind: These essential elements highlight your brand story and keep your product, or service, top of mind."
  • "They have also managed to differentiate themselves from the competition, “The quicker picker upper” makes consumers think of it as better for spills than other leading brands."
  • "Bounty Tagline Lay’s: “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One.” Lay’s is perhaps the №1 brand in chips worldwide and their slogan certainly adds to their success."
  • "The brilliance of this slogan is that there is an inference that the product actually can make important (priceless) moments happen is masterful, Mastercard slogan Geico’s “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” One of my favorites, this tagline tells you exactly what the company does and how it delivers value to the consumers."
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Transcript: Think different just do it I'm loving it every little helps we hear and see tag lines and slogans every day over and over again this repetition is what logs them into our memory the interesting thing is that when you think of a brand name it isn't necessarily their logo that will pop into your head it's the tagline or the slogan which gets there first this shows you how powerful they can be but I suppose I could ask do you actually need a tagline well they've covered that in another video and you'll see a link for that at the top of the screen what I'm going to do in this video today is I'm going to give you a couple of tips to help you create that great tagline or slogan for your own brand now it can take an awful lot of work on a lot of research and tying everything together but I've got a couple of tips that will help you to get started so my first tip is make it easy to remember when you think of famous brand slogans or tag lines a lot of them have one thing in common... See more →

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