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Law firm marketing strategies that you need to use for 2020

We've compiled fifteen of our favorite law firm marketing strategies to help you go from zero to hero.

November 05 · 8 min read

Digital marketing is the designated buzzword for all marketing that takes place on the web. Social media, YouTube, Google reviews, SEO, and even your website all contribute to your digital marketing strategy. Yep, we said strategy. Those factors and more make up your strategy, meaning if you’re not using any of those, you don’t have a strategy. As a law firm, you don’t need us to tell you that trying to accomplish something without a plan is a cardinal sin.

Don’t panic, though! We’re here to help you with your law firm marketing journey. We’ve compiled fifteen of our favorite digital marketing strategies to help you go from zero to hero.

Let’s get started!

15 digital marketing strategies for law firms

1. Build a great website

The first and most important step in law firm marketing is building a great website. This is where you’re going to be driving all of your marketing traffic to, right? So it needs to make a great impression.

You can make sure that your website gets approval from potential clients by keeping with the latest trends. Few things will turn off a would-be client than a website that looks like it’s from 2004. Keep your website updated to have the latest features and design styles.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can check out our tips for building a great website and use our free website builder to draft up some ideas.

2. Start using social media

Social media might seem like a strange thing for a law firm to use, but trust us, you’re behind if you aren’t already using it. It’s quickly become the dominant social platform over the last decade, so if you want to be heard, that’s where your voice needs to be.

Implementing law firm marketing on social media is about building up a rapport with users on the platform and establishing yourself as a trustworthy service. You can do this by sharing news, tips, and content from your website.

Another tip that works exceptionally well for law firms is sharing stories and reviews from your past clients. This will make them more likely to work with you again and will put you in the sights of their followers and friends.

3. Create strong SEO content

SEO content - or Search Engine Optimization - is content that’s designed to get your website popping up in Google searches.

There are two types of searches important to law firms.

The first opportunity is local searches, and local searches are when someone searches for “best (your specialty) law firms”, you want your firm to be in the top five results of their search. In a local search, Google prioritizes firms that are in the same area as the searcher. Not an easy feat.

The second opportunity are informational searches, and these are important for law firms focused on particular issues that are relevant for a national audience. For example, DoNotPay, the world’s first robot lawyer is creating a content series about parking tickets in every major metropolitan area.

SEO content helps you accomplish that goal. It’s too deep of a subject to delve into it here entirely, but mostly, SEO is about understanding how Google picks those top five results and then doing everything you can to be in those top five.

Once you understand what the algorithm wants, you can start adding SEO-tailored content to your website, like a blog, video marketing, backlinks, and so on.

4. Start an email campaign

Email campaigns have been around almost as long as email, but surprisingly, they haven’t gone out of style yet. Despite all of the different platforms and mediums available for communication these days, email appears to be here for the long haul - and that means you need to use it in your law firm marketing.

An email campaign is a marketing tactic that involves sending emails to past, current, and potential clients to encourage them to do business with you. Figuring out what to include in these emails, how often to send them, and how to adapt them to your target audience is where the skill lies.

There are several platforms on the internet that can make your email campaign a success. We even offer email campaign services right here at B12.

5. Optimize your website for all devices

This one should be a no-brainer in 2019, but we thought we’d throw it out there just in case. If your website doesn’t look right or load properly on mobile devices, you’re toast, plain, and simple.

Mobile internet usage has increased by 222% in the last five years, making up the majority of internet users today. That means more people are going to visit your website from their phone than they will from their laptop (if they even own a laptop anymore).

Fortunately, optimizing a website for mobile is easier than ever these days. When picking your web builder/developer, make sure to choose an option that offers mobile optimization.

6. Take advantage of client reviews

We touched on this briefly in point number two, but we’re going to bring it up again. As a law firm (or any other business in the service industry), reviews are going to make or break your business. They should be one of the cornerstones of your law firm marketing strategy.

With that killer website we’ve been talking about, you can directly advertise your best reviews by showing highlights of them throughout your site. You can even build a testimonials page to make finding the reviews easy on your website visitors.

Reviews are an opportunity to share your history, passion, and dedication to your clients - so start using them!

7. Use SEO linking techniques

Circling back to SEO, let’s talk about linking. Links are those little blue, underlined bits of text you see everywhere. And they’re a powerful way to bring traffic to your website, as potential clients don’t have to know who or what you are to click on them.

The most powerful linking tool in SEO is backlinking. Backlinking is a fancy term for when someone includes a link to your law firm on their website. If Forbes publishes an article about you and includes a link to your website in the article, that’s a backlink - it “links back” to you.

Now, as great as a Forbes piece would be for your business, you can’t afford to wait for it to happen. So, instead, using that SEO content of yours we mentioned earlier, you can backlink to other websites (preferably not other law firms) in exchange for them to backlink to your website. And voilà! You’ve been backlinked. Rinse, repeat, profit.

8. Have specialized web pages for each of your services

This one is directed at law firms that offer multiple types of services, so if you’re a niche law firm, go ahead and skip to tip number nine.

To the rest of you, we’re going to talk about specialized web pages. This is a pretty simple idea that might take a little more effort when building your website but will make the lives of potential clients much more straightforward.

Let’s say you’re a family attorney law firm, and you offer services like settling divorces, writing up prenups and handling custody settlements. Rather than having one generic webpage that lists all of those services, you can create separate pages for each, detailing which lawyers handle which types of cases, post testimonials specific to those specialties, list your pricing, etc.

This makes it much easier for potential clients to figure out exactly what you offer, how you provide it, and what they can expect from you.

9. Streamline your firm’s branding

Giving your website a recognizable brand is a great way to set you apart from the competition, especially since many neglect this aspect of law firm marketing.

Branding your firm involves getting a high-quality logo, a beautifully designed website, and crafting an image, voice, and tone that clients will learn to expect from you. This will give your firm an identity, which is crucial in marketing.

10. Incorporate video marketing into your strategy

Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods of marketing today. Of businesses using video marketing, 85% feel it is essential to their plan. It’s a fast way to draw in potential clients and give your law firm a voice. What makes video marketing so great is its simplicity. You can take nearly any aspect of your law firm and break it down in a way that’s easy to understand for your clients.

11. Use pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a cost-effective way to take your law firm marketing up two notches. Mainly, it involves paying someone else to push links to your service. Every time one of those links is clicked, you pay them a small sum.

You can create PPC relationships with just about anyone on the internet, including Google and other search engines. It’s a great way to incentivize others to share your brand.

12. Create a high-quality blog

Though we’re long past the blogging craze of the early 2000s, written content still dominates the internet. Blogs are an opportunity to give your law firm a personality and a purpose in the lives of potential clients. Regular readers (and even first-time readers) are extremely likely to choose you as their representative if they like your blog.

If you’re not sure what kind of blog content to create, answering common questions is a great place to start. Law is pretty esoteric to most of the public (hence the rigorous education), so share what you’ve learned with the world and raise their awareness. They’ll reward you with their business.

14. Add live chat features to your website

One last tip for your website is to add a live chat feature. You can have a human or a chatbot on the other side of this feature, but either way, it’s a great way to provide fast customer service to anyone visiting your website.

A live chat feature can be buried in your Contact Us page or available all over your site as a little chat bubble. If you want to seem reachable and personable, take some time to implement this quickly rising trend.

15. Use software to automate your marketing needs

Finally, automate as much of your marketing as you can. Automation is one of the most powerful tools of the modern era (sorry Charlie Bucket), and you don’t want to miss out on it.

If you’re starting an email campaign, there are plenty of platforms available that can automate it for you. The same goes for your social media, review sharing, and even building your website.

For more tips on marketing and (our specialty) building your law firm’s website, visit us at B12 - we’d love to chat!

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