Contracts & eSignatures

Create and send professional contracts that match your branding in minutes. Receive signatures from your prospects and clients through a secure, convenient online experience.

Contracts & eSignatures

Generate and email contracts fast

  • Upload your document to B12 to be generated into a business contract in seconds, complete with your logo
  • For extra security, require all parties to enter a code before viewing and signing your document
  • Receive email notifications when the other party opens and signs the contract
  • View all documents in B12 and quickly see their status (sent, signed, and still in progress)

Generate and email contracts fast
Make it easy to receive signatures electronically

Make it easy to receive signatures electronically

  • Finalize contracts remotely using electronic signatures
  • Make it simple for signatories to complete by marking up the contract with signature, date, and required fields
  • Designate signatories and email the contract to them with your contact information automatically displayed
  • All parties receive a PDF copy of the signed contract via email


What are contracts and eSignatures?

Our contracts and eSignatures let you create and send business documents for electronic signature without ever leaving B12.

Why do I need contracts and eSignatures?

In short, to modernize your firm and save time. With remote work becoming the standard, every business needs processes to accomplish tasks and develop business relationships fast from anywhere. B12’s contracts and eSignatures experience gives you access to a user-friendly yet robust document signing process that’s convenient for you and your contacts. In minutes, you create, send, and receive contracts to keep your business moving forward.

Are contracts and eSignatures safe to use?

Yes, contracts and eSignatures within B12 are encrypted to protect all details and sensitive information. It’s optional to add a signer PIN, which is a code that all parties must enter before viewing and signing any document.

Does B12 use any third-party integrations?

Eversign is our trusted eSignatures provider that helps power this feature. After sending a contract, both you and the other party will receive emails from Eversign linking to the contract to sign. All of our other integrations are listed here.

How much does it cost to use contracts and eSignatures?

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