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Contact Manager

The Contact Manager automatically collects all of your firm’s contacts, emails, messages, forms, and notes in one place, making it a convenient way to organize and quickly reach any prospect or client.

Contact Manager

Manage all business interactions in a single place

  • Import or manually add your existing professional contacts, then add new prospects and clients any time
  • View all interactions with a particular contact, including chat history, form submissions, and emails
  • Take internal-facing notes about contacts to help you keep track of important details and offer them the most tailored level of service
  • Send marketing, reminder, and confirmation emails to contacts without leaving B12
  • Tag your contacts individually or in bulk to stay organized, qualify them for next steps, and remind yourself about follow-ups
  • Visitors who fill out your contact form, sign up for your newsletter, or engage with you via website chat are automatically added to your contact list
  • The Contact Manager’s search tool lets you quickly locate a contact or group of tagged contacts when you need to reach them

Manage all business interactions in a single place


What is the Contact Manager?

B12’s Contact Manager allows you to manage all of your contacts, messages, forms, and more in a single place. It’s located in the B12 Editor under “Your business”. You can click on an individual contact to review any past interactions, form submissions, or their basic information.

What gets stored in my Contact Manager?

All interactions with clients and prospects, including form submissions, contact details, on-site chat messages, and intake notes are automatically stored and can be viewed in the Contact Manager.

How does the Contact Manager handle duplicate contacts?

It can recognize duplicate contacts with the same email or phone number and will merge them. It won’t merge contacts based on name alone, in case you have multiple contacts with the same name.

Which email providers sync with B12’s Contact Manager?

The Contact Manager syncs with and can import contacts from Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, or by uploading a CSV file.

How much does it cost to use the Contact Manager?

The Contact Manager is part of our Standard and Premium plans. There are no limits on the number of contacts or forms you can add, emails or contracts you can send, or eSignatures you can collect.

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