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B12 recommendations

Keep your website up to date with your business

Businesses change every day, but websites rarely do. Keeping your website up to date can be a heroic task. You have to create content, understand visitor data, learn about new web standards, and then implement changes. As a result, many of us end up with stale, out-of-date websites that don’t live up to their potential to represent you or bring you new customers.

Our customers are busy businesses with long to-do lists. They know that keeping their website up-to-date and growing their online presence is important but they aren’t sure how. So, we spoke to our customers and reinvented how businesses could update their website and grow their online presence.

B12 Recommendations is the easiest and smartest way to make sure your website always lives up to its potential. B12 web experts review your live website each month and make Recommendations on ways your website can improve. You can accept any recommendation with just one click.

Introducing B12 recommendations

We learn about you

Your B12 team learns your goals and how you want your website to grow.

Get recommendations

Your certified B12 web experts review your website and craft personalized Recommendations.

We make the changes

Tell us which Recommendations you want and save time as your expert team takes care of it for you.

Say goodbye to outdated websites!

Up-to-date content and design
Up-to-date content and design

Design improvements and content additions keep your website fresh.

Get more customers
Get more customers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and conversion Recommendations to help you get more business.

Never pay for another redesign
Never pay for another redesign

With improvements each month, you will no longer need large redesigns.

What our customers say

Willie Tate Urlife Now Fitness

“I like that someone is monitoring my website every month and making suggestions for how to improve it.”

Rick Finbow Rick Finbow Enterprises, LLC

“I think it's great that B12 still cares and is watching out for me. I'm reminded to update my website and I get ideas. I like that I'm not in it alone.”

Princess Booker
Princess Booker Clear Visions Consulting Services, LLC

“I need recommendations. As I add new courses to my website, I need to make sure that I'm fresh, I'm sharp, and I'm up-to-date.”

Get a website in minutes

Get a website in minutes
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