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How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?

9 November, 2022 · 1 min read·Social media
How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?
Learn the timeline it takes to get verified on Instagram and the criteria your accounts must meet to earn that blue tick

Getting a verified badge on your Instagram account is the kind of clout that makes Instagram users realize you're worth following. Fortunately, Instagram has made the process for Instagram verification much clearer for people looking for that verification badge than some other platforms. Applying for a verification request is easy, but earning that blue check takes quite a long time. Still, you might wonder, "how long does it take to get verified on Instagram?" 

In this article, we'll share everything you need to know about that Instagram verification badge to help you get verified on Instagram fast.

What do I need to do to become Instagram verified?

1. You must have an active Instagram account

When applying for a verified badge, you need to have an active Instagram account. That includes a complete profile, bio, and a profile picture of yourself or your business logo. You also need to be active on the social platform. By regularly uploading new Instagram posts to your Instagram account, you'll have a chance to earn a verified badge. 

Also, remember that only public accounts can get verified on Instagram. So, if you have a private account, you'll need to change your settings to make them public. Post frequently and post great pictures and video content as this can help you earn more genuine followers, which can help your popularity and with the other aspects of Instagram verification.

2. You need to be authentic

To earn a verified badge, you need to be an authentic person, business, or entity. You can’t have a fake account. 

During the identification process, Instagram will reject fan accounts, any fake accounts, or any imposter accounts. So, applying with false or misleading information won't help your personal account get verified. If you have a registered business or are a public figure, you'll need to apply to get a verified account and prove your credentials once the verification process begins.

3. Your Instagram account must be unique

Your Instagram account can be verified if you represent a unique person or business. Instagram will reject impostor accounts or multiple accounts that appear to be the same person.

Unfortunately, fan pages of general interest accounts will be rejected in the verification process. So, suppose you've created a general interest account around a celebrity or dog breed. In that case, you won't be able to get verified on Instagram – no matter how many followers that account has. Meme pages are also not eligible to get the blue check.

4. To get verified, you need to be notable

To get an Instagram verification badge, you need to be a notable person or business. That means you need to be a highly searched person or business. Instagram looks for people and companies with brand credibility. So, if you've been featured in news articles (and not just some sponsored post) but real articles about you as a person or business, then getting verification badges will become much easier for you. 

Ultimately, you'll need to make a name for yourself, and that comes with putting out quality content on your Instagram account for years. So build more than just an Instagram presence, build a personal brand too. You might also choose to be active on all your other social media accounts by having a Facebook page, Twitter account, TikTok account, and an official website.

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How to get verified on Instagram

If you're currently eligible to apply for Instagram verification, you might be wondering what all the steps are to get your verified badge. Fortunately, you can get your Instagram verified with ease directly in your Instagram app.

First, remember that only one account is eligible for Instagram verification. So, you must be logged into the correct account for which you're applying to get your Instagram verification badge.

Next, tap your Instagram profile photo to go to your profile.

Then, click on the icon in the top right and go into your Settings.

Now, you'll want to click Account and then Request verification.

You'll want to submit your full name and provide documentation, such as official business documents or government-issued photo identification, such as a national identification card or driver's license, to prove that you're a real person.

Then, you'll want to follow the next steps and click Submit.

Keep in mind that Instagram doesn't request payment for verified badges. So, it's not legitimate if someone offers to get you verified on Instagram for a fee. However, applying to get verified on Instagram is free. Of course, not all Instagram users that apply to get verified on Instagram will earn verified accounts, though.

Applying to be verified on Instagram multiple times doesn't help earn a verified account faster. Submit requests once only. Also, consider only applying to become Instagram verified when you've met all the criteria and have followed all the community guidelines.

How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?

After you request verification and meet all the credentials for it too, you should hear back from Instagram within 30 days or less.

However, if you consider all the aspects of getting your account verified, it could take years to build up your social media profile, gain the clout of media publicity, and earn a place as a public figure with a verification badge on your profile.

Don't remove verified badges

Once you meet all the verification criteria and get your account approved, do your own research to prevent losing your account. For example, changing your account from public to private can cause you to lose that blue checkmark. Only some public figures earn the blue tick, so if it's you, you won't want to risk losing it by making a mistake that causes you to lose it.

How B12 can help you look legitimate online and build your brand 

B12 can help you earn a verification badge by helping you build your personal brand via your own custom-built website. You can work with B12's professional copywriters, designers, and SEO experts to make your website an authority in your niche. Within 30 days of signing up, you'll have a fully-designed website that you can build up with blog content. You can also use our experts to help you build out your social media profiles and connect them to your site.

Having your own website can help you build your influence as a notable figure or business. And with our team of experts helping you grow your website's domain authority and social media profiles, it's only a matter of time before your brand can request verification.

B12 builds websites for any person or business, no matter their popularity. But one thing's for sure, our expert team is world-class and can help you build out your website's authority and Instagram profile so that you can become the next big thing.

Start the process of getting your Instagram account verified

You'll want to build a personal brand or a popular business account to get verified on Instagram. Verified accounts often stand out for their exceptional content quality and the popularity of the global brand or person. The review process takes up to 30 days, but you'll want to devote a lot of time to ensure that you're building up your influence on your account to ensure that your verification process runs smoothly. 

Earning that blue tick is the biggest accomplishment you can achieve on Instagram, so once you've earned it, you're among the elite. So, take the time to make an official statement and celebrate your new milestone.

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How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?
How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?

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