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Top must-have AI tools for businesses In 2024

26 October, 2023 · 2 min read·AI how-to guides
Top must-have AI tools for businesses In 2024
Discover AI tools that drive the highest ROI and make your business more efficient and effective.

Projects that once took months to launch now take just days. Tasks that took days now take mere minutes. The current cascade of new AI tools for business is transforming the speed and scale of how we all get work done. 

But there are undeniably a lot of options out there. What are the best AI tools to integrate into your daily administrative, sales, and marketing routine? With more tools popping up daily, you must be strategic. 

Define your goals, narrow the playing field

The tools that work for your online consulting business might not be the same ones that apply to a lawyer or a graphic designer. Do you need social media support or a brand-new website? Do you need SEO assistance or an ideas generator? 

Ultimately, the right AI strategy for your business will depend on your business model, needs, and skillset. With hundreds of AI tools out there already, refine your approach to settle on the ones that will actually apply to your business and your current to-do list.

  1. Define your goals
  2. Asses your time capacity and available resources
  3. Calculate costs
  4. Start the Great AI Experiment

But you don't have to stare into the AI void. B12 has launched a growing library of searchable AI business assets to make this job easier.

AI website builders

Most major website builders have started incorporating new AI components into their offerings. Sometimes, it's AI SEO help; other times, it's AI writing. Either way, these features make the time-consuming process of building a website from scratch much more feasible, especially for owners who don't have the technical basis for coding.

B12 is a website builder that hasn't just started incorporating AI tools. We are founded on the power of AI. Thanks to the powerful AI core, our platform effortlessly designs a personalized business website based on your industry and specified needs. 

And it's not just generic AI copy and a suggested site structure. This is everything you need to serve clients online: images, tools, SEO, and more. With one click, you have a client-ready draft ready for your review. It's really that simple. 

Our AI website builder condenses a weeks’, if not months’, long design process into 60 seconds. You get to market faster, to rapidly get your products and services in front of your audience, and start selling.

Attract. Win. Serve.

Of course, as we mentioned, many other platforms are starting to incorporate AI features into their original models. Divi (WordPress), Wix, Bookmark, and GetResponses are just a few other options. 

Play around, compare features and prices, and find a service that fits your business’s online needs and your technical skillset.

AI video and image generators

AI image generators like DallE and MidJourney were the first AI tech that captured the world's attention when they launched. We were all enraptured by playing with prompts to build fantastical sci-fi worlds and cute cats in funny hats. 

But, beyond the pure imaginative power of AI, these tools have valuable applications from a business perspective.

There is Synthesia, a tool to convert your text into videos and apply authentic-sounding AI-generated voices available in over 120 languages. Produce a library of training videos for your staff, a database of how-to videos for your customers, or market your next product launch thanks to more than 140 AI-driven avatars. 

How about redesigning your logo? Try Namecheap's logo maker for unlimited iterations of your next company logo. Not only does it pull from thousands of fonts, colors, and graphic options, this tool is free to use — no matter how many edits you want.

AI content creators

ChatGPT may be the name to beat when it comes to AI writing copy and content, but today, hundreds of other AI writers are available, and most are specialized for specific use cases. 

Need a good go-to content marketer? has more than 70 AI assistants, each optimized to help with specific tasks: emails, blogs, ads, scripts, and marketing copy. 

Or tap into GrowthBar, a tool combining copy with SEO insights. It boasts advanced AI-driven content creation, refined landing pages, online campaign development, and SEO-driven blogs. Moreover, it supports enhanced SEO through keyword analysis, rank monitoring, and backlink studies.

If volume is what you need help with, you could try Shopia. This dedicated AI writer and SEO aide produces bulk articles (over 2500 words each). Plus, it has a comprehensive editor working from over 80 blueprints. If you need to scale your content writing, Shopia might be the tool for you. 

AI-powered social media

Despite the marketing potential of social media, it also tends to fall to the bottom of the to-do list for many. It's time-consuming and requires a lot, and we mean a lot, of resources to post consistently. All reasons why social media is a perfect candidate for an AI assistant.

Take Taplio, your new LinkedIn marketing intern. It’s designed to power up your B2B marketing efforts with AI content inspiration, viral post library, outreach, and analytics. Tapilo is making expanding your network easier, pulling in new leads and making informed decisions on your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Maybe your business lives on Twitter (now X), but rest assured, there is also an AI tool for that. Tweet Hunter helps you plan ahead with post scheduling, create viral threads, and see a new layer of analytics you never thought possible. It's all faster and more informed than if you were trying to tackle it yourself.

Finally, Brand24 captures online sentiment and mentions of your brand by constantly monitoring social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more. It's all about reputation awareness and keeping you ahead of the online narrative. 

AI tools to scale your business

AI means your business is no longer confined by time constraints and technical know-how. Even teams of one have the power to rebrand, launch new products, and reach new customers with all these tools to add to your digital toolkit. 

From B12's powerful website builder to AI social media assistants and AI copywriters, given the current pace of development, your AI tech stack will undoubtedly be a fluid one as the landscape evolves. But, whatever AI resources you tap into will uniquely work within your current goals, business needs, and audience. 

B12 has always been rooted in AI, powering up website design for online businesses. Build a website perfectly suited for your brand, industry, and customers in less than a minute. 

Why wait? Discover what B12 can do for your business today.

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