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Tips to effectively sell life insurance online

9 February, 2023 ·Insurance brokerage
Tips to effectively sell life insurance online
With B12's guide, you'll learn the best ways to effectively and profitably sell life insurance online.

Insurance agents are always looking for a way to grow their client base and meet existing clients' expectations. One effective way to accomplish both is to focus on selling life insurance policies using a powerful online presence. With a website that reaches, converts, and serves people browsing life insurance policies online, your agency is better set up to scale and efficiently gain clients.

While selling insurance online can be difficult in a competitive market, consumer demand exists. According to the Insurance Barometer Study by LIMRA (2020), the percentage of consumers who prefer to buy life insurance online was 29% in 2020, a full 12% higher than in 2011. With digital adoption increasing, the number of people shopping online for policies likely will too. Is your firm set up to meet this demand?

In this post, we'll review some strategies to win new insurance clients online and sell more policies. You'll come away with tips you can implement to generate more leads from your insurance website and guide them through the sales process.

The fundamentals of selling life insurance online

Selling life insurance online can be a daunting task for any new insurance agent or one whose tactics feel stale. It can be difficult to contact potential clients, given their wide range of options. The good news is that there are ways to effectively sell life insurance online and maximize your success.

The first step in selling life insurance online is identifying your target audience. Consider who your target client is, their age category, and what kind of insurance they currently have. Your selling plan will be more effectively tailored to qualified prospects if you know the answers to these questions.

Once you have identified your target audience, the next step is researching customer needs. What is the current market like for life insurance, and what criteria is your average client prioritizing? The understanding need is essential in creating a successful sales pitch. You must demonstrate how the product meets the customer's needs and can benefit them long-term, protecting them and their family.

In addition, you should also know your customer’s buying process. What are the steps they take when purchasing life insurance? Knowing where they're searching and what terms they're searching for helps you create messaging and a sales process tailored to the customer's needs and will help you close the sale. By understanding the customer's buying process, you can create an effective sales funnel tailored to their needs and help you close the sale.

Identify your target audience

You should consider age, gender, income, location, interests, and other demographics on identifying your target audience A clear idea of your audience will help you create compelling content and messaging that resonates with them. Also, it will assist you in determining the routes you should employ to contact them and the kinds of goods and services they would find appealing. 

You may better understand the demands of the client and how to address those needs by doing research through surveys and interviews. This will allow you to isolate the best digital marketing strategies and develop an effective sales pitch tailored to customers' needs and wants.

Moreover, you should understand the motivations of your target audience. For example, what are their values, beliefs, and goals? With this information, you may create content that appeals to them and inspires them to act. We recommend adding a blog to your insurance website that you update weekly. Publishing fresh content shows search engines that your site is up to date, and it helps build brand awareness with prospective clients.

Research to understand your audience's needs

Researching your target audience can help you gain insight into their motivations and concerns when buying life insurance. Additionally, you can look at psychographic factors such as lifestyle, values, and interests. To better understand your target audience, you should also look into their past life insurance purchases. 

This can provide invaluable insight into what customers want when purchasing life insurance. To learn more about what customers desire in value and service, you may also look at customer reviews and ratings of different life insurance providers. Finally, you should look into the competitive landscape of selling life insurance online. Researching competitors can provide insight into their strategies to sell life insurance and what customers are looking for. This may aid in improving your sales pitch and ensuring that you are providing them with the best value. 

Additionally, you can use competitor research to identify potential opportunities in the market that you can capitalize on. You may get essential knowledge about the demands of the client and develop a powerful sales pitch by taking the time to investigate your target audience and the competitive environment. Moreover, your ability to see new possibilities and develop a winning plan will help you give them the greatest value and service possible

Develop an effective sales pitch

Selling life insurance online is a great way to reach many potential customers. Yet, to be successful, your sales presentation must be strong. Your sales presentation needs to be compelling, specific to your target market, and aware of their requirements.

When creating your sales pitch, it's important to emphasize the benefits of life insurance. Explain how life insurance can provide financial security for the policyholder's family and loved ones in case of death. Moreover, go through the many kinds of life insurance plans that are offered and how they may be altered to meet the requirements of certain clients.

Your sales pitch should also address any potential concerns that customers may have about buying life insurance online. Describe the security precautions used to protect their personal information. Additionally, discuss the customer service and support you provide, such as one-on-one advice and guidance with selecting a policy.

Finally, emphasize the convenience of buying life insurance online. Thus, highlight how time and money can be saved by clients by purchasing online as opposed to dealing with an insurance agent. Explain how customers can quickly and easily compare different policies and purchase the one that best suits their needs. By addressing these points, you can create an effective sales pitch that will convince customers to purchase your life insurance.

Utilize online marketing strategies to reach fresh leads

Selling life insurance online requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach potential customers. Use tools like email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media for good marketing. While email marketing and social media can assist in promoting your life insurance goods and services, SEO can help your website reach the top of search engine results pages.

With SEO, you can create optimized content for specific keywords your target audience will likely search for. This will help ensure that your website is easily discoverable by potential customers when they search. Email marketing is another tool you may use to connect with current and future clients. This enables you to give customers crucial details about your goods, services, special discounts, and deals.

Social media is another great way to market your life insurance products and services. You can interact with clients, give valuable guidance, and disseminate vital details about your products by establishing a presence on numerous social media sites. You can also use social media ads to reach new potential customers. Influencer marketing may also help you establish a reputation and exposure with your target market.

A quality piece of content that benefits your target audience may also be produced through content marketing. This includes blog posts, videos, podcasts that provide helpful advice and tips on life insurance, and information about your products and services. By producing informative and interesting content, you may develop credibility and trust with potential clients. 

You can capture leads and reach a larger audience and get the word out about your life insurance products by utilizing online marketing strategies such as SEO, email marketing, social media, PPC, and content marketing. Investing in multiple channels will drive more traffic to your website and increase the chance of success for your online life insurance sales.

Track progress and refine your strategy to gain new clients

Selling life insurance online can be tricky, but it can be done with the right strategy. Monitoring your results and adjusting your plan are one of the most crucial parts of selling life insurance online. Also, it's crucial to stay current and ensure that your techniques are still applicable in the rapidly evolving digital environment. When successfully selling life insurance online, knowing which strategies are effective and which are not may make all the difference.

A wonderful approach to gauge success is to keep track of your progress. Using analytics tools and tracking software can help you identify which strategies are working and which need to be adjusted or replaced. This will make your marketing efforts more effective and guarantee that you communicate with the appropriate audience. To ensure you're offering the greatest possible product and service, tracking your progress might assist you in identifying patterns or trends in client behavior.

Refining your strategy is also important as new trends and customer needs arise. As technology and customer preferences change, you must adjust your strategy accordingly. This might involve altering your sales presentation, generating fresh marketing initiatives, or even developing brand-new goods and services. Also, it's critical to keep up with the most recent business trends and ensure that your marketing initiatives are pertinent and successful. 

You can ensure that you're offering the greatest product and service to your consumers and maximizing the performance of your online life insurance sales efforts by monitoring your progress and adjusting your plan. With the correct plan, you can ensure that your sales efforts are current and successful. 

How to sell life insurance online with B12

A B12 online presence makes selling life insurance online more seamless and efficient for life insurance agents. While maintaining your own website takes time, working with a team of specialists may guarantee that you will be online in 30 days or less.

First, AI and web designers team up to create the perfect insurance website that's set up to generate leads, streamline your sales process, and provide clients with an intuitive experience. Create pages for each of the services and policies you offer — life insurance, business insurance, auto insurance, ad more — and easily update them as your agency evolves.

B12's on-platform SEO specialists, copywriters, and web designers ensure your new website makes the best first impression on potential customers, keeps them engaged, and motivates them to learn more about your life insurance offerings. A stronger online presence means more sales without cold calling. Spend time scaling your business instead of struggling with your web design and search engines. 

Whether you're an independent agent or a growing team, B12 has the tools to grow alongside you. Try it today for free.

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