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Dubdub - AI Voice Dubbing Made Easy
Dubdub - AI Voice Dubbing Made Easy




Audio Generation
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Dubdub is an AI tool that helps users with voice dubbing and voice overs. This AI dubbing tool is great for content creators who need someone to dub over their videos and make them more compelling for their audiences. 


  • Multi-language support
  • Wide range of content types, such as infotainment and educational
  • Context-aware translations
  • Fast turnaround time


  1. Is Dubdub free?

Absolutely! Dubdub offers a free version, which gives users access to dubbing and AI voiceover, up to 10 minutes of uploaded files, and an output of up to 720p.

To access watermark removal and Pro voices, users can subscribe to the Professional plan for $25 per month. Users also have the option to subscribe to Dubdub’s Enterprise plan by reaching out to its team for a custom quote. 

  1. How many languages are available in Dubdub?

Dubdub’s voiceover and dubbing features are available in more than 40 languages. These include English (with varying accents), Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic, German, and more. 

  1. Can users personalize the output from Dubdub?

Yes, Dubdub gives users customization options, such as adjustment in terms of speed, pitch, and emotional expression. These parameters enable the user to produce dubbed content that align with their brand identity. 

  1. How natural are the AI-generated voices?

With Dubdub, users can generate dubbed content using AI models that mimic people’s natural intonations, emotional nuances, and pronunciation. 

  1. How quickly can users generate dubbed content using Dubdub?

Dubdub offers fast dubbed content generation. In just minutes, users can produce the output they want. For instance, if the user’s video is around 5 minutes, Dubdub can generate dubbing for that video in approximately 5 to 10 minutes. 

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