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Merlin - All-in-One AI Personal AI Assistant
Merlin - All-in-One AI Personal AI Assistant




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Get your very own AI personal assistant through Merlin. This all-in-one AI tool enables users to perform various tasks, such as providing answers, summarizing articles and videos, writing emails, and so much more. Users can access Merlin with only one click, and the tool also works in all languages. Merlin can be installed as a browser extension, and from there, users only have to create an account and press CTRL + M or CMD + M to access the AI. 


  • Summarizes articles into fundamental points
  • Users get free access to GPT4
  • Provides ChatGPT responses
  • Allows users to chat or summarize websites
  • Create posts and interacts with followers (Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Chats with and summarizes documents
  • Assists with coding 
  • Writes engaging emails
  • Summarizes YouTube videos
  • Creates chatbots for Twitter profiles
  • Gives accurate forecasts 


  1. What does Merlin do?

Merlin serves as an all-in-one personal AI assistant. More specifically, it can handle tasks such as summarizing articles or videos, providing ChatGPT answers, summarizing websites, creating social media posts and interacting with followers, helping with coding, writing emails, creating chatbots for Twitter users, and more. 

  1. Is Merlin free?

Yes, Merlin has a free plan, so users can explore its features and see if it’s worth considering. For the free plan, users get access to 51 daily queries.

  1. Does Merlin use GPT-4?

Yes! What makes Merlin great is that it provides users with free access to GPT-4. It’s important to note, however, that using the GPT-4 model eats up 10 queries.

  1. How does Merlin work?

Merlin works as a personal AI assistant, which users can download as a browser extension. Once that’s done, users can create an account and start using the AI tool. They can access Merlin using CTRL + M or CMD + M. 

  1. What are the benefits of using Merlin?

Using Merlin offers numerous benefits. One of its biggest perks is that it offers many AI features combined in one tool. 

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